Monday, February 9, 2009

Lusty strappy things

Sandal lust. It's the phenomenon that happens to me every winter's end with even the slightest hint of warmth in the air. It doesn't help that Georgia has been seeing increasingly mild winters and I've begrudgingly given up all hope of seeing snow any time soon. With 70 degree weather this past weekend, I could feel the lust coming on. My toes were unhappily forced into boots and flats because my warm weather clothes are hibernating at the tip top of the closet. I watched enviously as peopled walk around in sandals, flip flops and other yummy warm weather shoes. My feet aren't ready for the exposure...yet, but when they are, I want to be ready. If you think I'm exaggerating about this need/want/desire for new sandals, you are highly underestimating me. These are a few lovelies that I've found, but I know I'll run across many, many more in the coming weeks.

"El Centro" by Joseph Griffin $125

Cocobell "Roman" $68
source: Piperlime

I always get at least one pair of sandals from UO b/c they're cheap and fun. These remind me of my grandfather in Puerto Rico, therefore, they make me happy.

"Ecote Huarache" $38

Black sandals are a must in the workplace and they give me a break from my normal heels.

Ecote Woven Sandal $28Ahhhh...beach anyone?


samantha e paulsen said...

i hate sandals. i'm starting to think we have nothing in common fashion wise. haha. good thing we have other things in common... like.. whiskey drinking.

Corie said...

Mmm Whiskey. Dont forget edward.

Also, I like the first shoe the best. GET THEM! and I'll lust after them while you wear them.

Christina said...

hold on sam, i'm going to post something you'll like, eventually. it's a personal goal.

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