Monday, February 9, 2009

street style 1

What's better for inspiration than everyday people you see, daily, on the street (or in a coffee shop, bar, public restroom, police station, strip club, what have you)? Some fashion bloggers choose to photograph themselves or their friends wearing different get ups or trends, but I don't think you want to see me over and over again and frankly, I don't have enough clothes or trendy pieces to make more than perhaps two interesting looking entries. This is why I depend on other talented photographers and blog sites to provide me w/interesting looking people to share w/you. Note here that the word is INTERESTING. I want to point this out before I receive comments questioning my judgment or eyesight. I think fashion is all about attempting to say something with your clothing. Sometimes it's about portraying who you are, sometimes it's about portraying who you want to be, a lot of the time it's about being comfortable, but either way, I can appreciate a creative mind. The people I'm going to choose to put on my blog (and I think this will be a regular thing) are people I'd like to talk to or that I'd simply stare at and say, "although I'd never wear that, kudos to you for going above and beyond." Either way, these people all share something in common: they are not lazy about their wardrobe (even if they look like ragamuffins).

Let's start w/some men. I mean, come one, look at these amazing smiles:

source: Sartorialist

I love the colors in this photograph:

source: Chictopia

Yea for alternative transportation:

Now I'm off to tilapia and potato leek soup. I see good things in my future.


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