Friday, February 6, 2009

bad drip coffee

I am most certainly a creature of habit. This is especially the case in the morning when I follow the same EXACT routine involving the brewing of my coffee: Shower, boil water while drying hair, brew in french press while applying makeup, panic over being late, pour said coffee in my handy travel mug and I'm out the door. Except this morning I didn't have my handy travel mug (eeek!) and I had to improvise. This wouldn't have been an issue had I not been late b/c I could have run by the coffee shop, but that's never going to happen so I found an old lidless plastic mug thing that I thought would work. I covered it in aluminum foil hoping this would help the splish-splash of the coffee that I knew would inevitably find its way out. BIG mistake. Coffee was spilling all over me before I left the door. While in the car, it continued to spill out w/every turn and brake. By the time I reached the parking deck, where of course I had to park on the fourth floor (which means a lot of turning), the coffee was on my "casual friday" jeans, the car floor board and pooled in my cup holder. The moral of the story: my office needs a communal coffee machine so this kind of thing doesn't happen again!
The only tie in I have for the photos below is that the sepia tone kind of reminds me of coffee. Ok, I know that's lame, but throw me a bone here-it's Friday! Anyway, I think these photographs from artist Ron Hamad are just beautiful. There's something so intimate and romantic about them, I thought I'd share:

"Scarlet's world"


source: Robin Rice Gallery
Happy weekend!
Flynn, I wish you safe travels to your new home. I'm going to miss you! Whose going to send me photos of cool vintage clothing while I'm at work? (Well, you know you could still do that; I'm sure they have internet in Dallas:)


Corie said...

Oh Boo!!! That's no fun.

Why dont you take your french press with you in the future?

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