Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Art: Lisa Golightly

Is it not a bizarre experience gazing at a portrait of someone without a face? It's uncomfortable, isn't it? Or is that just me? When I look at a faceless face, I immediately want to turn away. I wonder why the subject is faceless? Are they even human? I'm intrigued by Lisa Golightly's work (her site and shop are called "Kiki and Polly"). I'm intrigued because I wonder why she chosen to omit what some might consider the most important part of her subjects - the face. Their eyes. The windows to the soul. Her paintings have me coming back for more. I have visited her shop over and over the past week (damn this silly budget). The Fire starters is my favorite painting. I don't see a fire but I know those two are up to something. 
Check out more of Lisa's work here: Blog / Website / Shop


Kate said...

I didn't even notice they were all faceless until, obviously, the last one. I really like the first three but I could never get that last one.... It's so eerie even if it is well done.

Kate from Clear the Way

Claire Kiefer said...

It's really haunting! And so curious.

Unknown said...

I didn't notice they were faceless at first, either! Such beautiful and interesting pieces.

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