Thursday, March 28, 2013

6 things

1// clay flag clay toppers $18 by hello plum studio 2// kitty notecard $4.75 by branch & olive paper  3// vintage push pins $12.50 via beca runs 4// bar necklace $48 by virginie millefiori 5// whale plates $42 by yvonne ellen 6// smoky quartz watercolor $29 by expeditor

Today's roundup of Etsy faves features some really fun items. I'd like to use the push pins in my office, build a plate wall around the whale plates, and top a batch of these cupcakes with those adorable clay flags. And don't grey and aqua make a pretty pairing? I'd say so.

You can "follow" my hearted Etsy items here and see previously featured items on '6 things' here


Claire Kiefer said...

Do you know Danielle who makes Dinosaur Toes? I feel like you would love her jewelry and art:

Kate said...

While I love 2, 4, and 5... My mouth is gaping open for number 6. I can't believe that's watercolor! I'm so impressed.

Kate from Clear the Way

k said...

great finds!

Virginie Millefiori said...

Thank you very much for including my double bar necklace in this pretty selection. I'm glad I discovered your blog this way! Keep pretty things coming :)

Virginie Millefiori

Lolafalk said...

Wow...gorgeous finds! Love Virginie's necklace...

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