Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wishlist 7.7.10

It's about to get really HOT here in Athens and I'm not convinced that my wardrobe is prepared.  I have yet to purchase anything from Madewell but I have two items on my list today that would be perfect to keep me cool (as in body temp not personality, you with me?) 

The black tank romper would take care of night time gallivants around town and the striped tank is available in one of my favorite colors and is perfect for the weekends or layered under a short sleeved cardigan for work.  If you've shopped at Madewell, I'd love to hear your opinions/suggestions/reviews/warnings etc.


Maggie Rose said...

I haven't shopped at Madewell, but based on the adorableness I say GET THEM! Especially if you can pull off a romper (I, alas, cannot). And that soft pistatio green in the tank is so of-the-moment.

Meghan said...

That romper is pure perfection. I have no Madewell experience, but I'd go for it. You can always return, right?

Anna @ IHOD said...

I can't even tell you how much I <3 madewell....sigh.

Will let you know if I get anything.
Thanks for the feedback on the header! I actually think I am going to be using 2 and 3 for different things!

drollgirl said...

the hot weather is coming! i bet you REALLY feel it where you live.

i know we will hit the triple digits sooner or later, but right now i AM THRILLED TO BITS that it is in the 70's! it is DREAM WEATHER! i just love it!

but the sweat is coming. bleh.

Unknown said...

They both look great! That black romper is super cute and makes me want to be more adventurous in my dressing!


Iva Messy said...

omg that romper!! must have!

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