Monday, March 15, 2010

Down & Out Dapper #8: Spring Ahead

Happy Monday! We're starting this week off with our monthly guest blogger, Down and Out Dapper. This series is designed to shed some light on what the other gender is getting into lately or what we should encouraging them to be getting into (wink, wink). I also wanted to to mention that it's Keith's two year wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary love! I'll never forget tripping on my heels and walking in mud walking down the wedding aisle to support two of my favorite people. Did you know that tornadoes on a wedding day is good luck? Forget rain, tornadoes are the ultimate good luck charm.
Oh man! Did daylight saving (not savings, that's a misnomer) mess me up?! I hope you all took an extra hour on 'the man' and slept in, because ya'll beauties deserve it!!
I apologize for missing last month, I was on the road peddling wares... Wares that dare not be mentioned on this here bloggy blog.
I suppose it is time to start dressing for the warmth and what better way than to get your man into some smart boat shoes. Toes up, I always say...
for the man "not into boat shoes" by Zuriick $55: Need Supply Co.

washed canvas boat shoe: $78 Need Supply Co.

Venetian Loafer: $85 Sperry Top-Sider, more colors available

Smogen Suede: $90 Tretorn, more colors available
Who wears short shorts, boys wear short shorts... That's right, my friends... A grown man should not wear shorts that hit below the knee. Granted, I don't believe a man should ever wear shorts... but sometimes he must - for work or those steamy days not near a pool or beach. Sometimes calf must be breached. If you/he must, then take a look at these:

For the swimming...

The above shorts were designed with the modern man in mind, mimicking styles from the 70's and 80's. Last year they were available through vending machines at the Standard hotel locations, but this year, are still available online.
Penguin Striped Volley $59
Next month we will continue getting your man ready for your summer vacation, be sure to check back!


Laura Trevey said...

Cool green Sperrys!

Hilary said...

Sanuk makes a great "boat shoe" also for guys like my husband who refuse to wear anything that might be considered "preppy". :-)

Unknown said...

I'm totally showing these to my husband. The Tevas have to go! Great pics!

Iva Messy said...

I think this series is always so fantastic! happy 2 year anniversary to Keith! I like the Venetian Loafers! super! Have a great day Christina! I hope you had a nice weekend!

Roxy Te said...

ha! hilarious post about the short shorts. My girlfriends and I always complained about the fratsters at our southeastern college and their hairy legs and too short shorts..and those boat shoes! What a fresh alternative!

christina said...

I've been trying to get my husband into a pair of boat shoes forever now! Perhaps I'll ease him into it with the boat shoes for those "not into boat shoes."

drollgirl said...

whee! i know this look isn't for every man, but it is pretty adorable! make that handsome. on the right fellas, for sure. :)

WickedThrifty said...

interesting. i am of the opinion that man-thigh is best left to the europeans, personally, but those are some decent-looking trunks.
i can't get my man to step outside the carhartts, concert tees and big black boots, personally ;D

Serg Riva said...

gr8 post

Natalie of said...

i should forward this to my hubby!!! :)

i featured your dangle earrings from your etsy shop today in my post! hope a lot of people come your way. they are lovely!

Paige said...

I like the first shoes, but I honestly wasn't aware there are men who are "not into boat shoes". I just don't associate with those types ;)

Diana said...

Congrats, lady!

Scott just bought some cream colored canvas boat shoes from Vans for $40! I love the leather ones, too!

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