Monday, November 16, 2009

Down & Out Dapper #5

Happy Monday! This week we're kicking it off with Down and Out Chic's monthly guest blogger (designer extraordinaire) Keith Rein. This month, Keith has rounded up the best of graphic T's for the guys. I realize this is a sore subject for many because they're are alot of not-so-stylish graphic t's available, but fear not, you're in good hands. On a side note, Keith and I have tables at the same craft fair on Dec. 4th. If you're in Athens, please come see us at 283 bar; we'd love to meet you!
I have to admit, this post snuck up on me even though Christina and I talked about it last week over drinks. Maybe too many drinks, and that's why my mind couldn't hold onto it. Oh well.

I have been busy over at Paper Thin getting ready for the holiday season with wrapping papers and Christmas cards. In order to break up the ongoing work week and long hours, I'd like to share some fun graphic tees for your dudes that aren't duds.

Typically I'm the guy in the solid color t-shirts, but sometimes you just need a little sum'n sum'n. But if you are looking for well-made basics for your man that feel like slinkies made of dreams, check out BDG from Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, or Alternative Apparel.

If you aren't familiar with Threadless yet, then you don't know what the internet is. You are probably reading this over someone's shoulder, but before they yell at you I'll let you know what's what. Threadless is the place to go for fun, fresh, and funky t-shirts. All of the shirts printed are submitted and voted for by the community. Anyone and everyone submits work ranging from artists, designers, freelancers, hobbyists, moms, dads, and maybe even you!

Here are some of my current favorites from their ever growing catalogue:
Threadless by Kanzaki Choi $12

Threadless by Jesse Lefkowitz $18

Threadless by Shmoo $18

Threadless by Julian Glander $18

Threadless by Fumi Nakamura $12

Super soft from Modern Amusement $48

Etsy is a wonderful spot to find unique and quirky tees. However, I would only recommend buying a shirt that is printed on a company's shirts that you are familiar with their fit. Better safe than sorry.
Satisfactory on American Apparel $25

Timber!- it really is a maze!!! $17

Mis Nopales Art organic American Apparel $19

These next shirts are from a British company called Last Exit To Nowhere. The shirts they make are all company and town logos from movies. Its a great concept and allows fans to show their love for film without pasting it all over your shirt. Some of the designs are a bit esoteric, but that's part of the appeal. They primarily focus on Sci-Fi, Horror, and Comedy movies.
Jaws £18

Shaun of the Dead £18

Being a designer I am automatically drawn to bold and simple graphics, but I feel anyone can get behind these next three:
Ugmonk at Need Supply Co. $34

Ugmonk at Need Supply Co. $34

The Holidays are right around the corner, so come back next month to check out the last minute gift guide for him & her.
Happy Mondays.
Thank Keith! If you missed the previous Down and Out Dapper posts, you can check them out here. I'm pretty sure that raccoon with the umbrella T needs to be mine.
{have you entered this weekend's giveaway? If not, enter here!}


Laura Trevey said...

Love the I heart U shirt!!

xo Laura
** stop by Bright, Bold, and Beautiful for a holiday gift!!

liz said...

When in doubt I always get my boyfriend a Threadless gift card!

Haven and Home said...

Oh that bike tee cracked me up!

coolboy said...

great t shirts , i like yellow t shirt , looks better

coolboy said...

great t shirts , i like yellow t shirt , looks better

Teresa @ good-grace said...

Keith - you did an amazing job here. :) I especially love the "lost bike" poster - hiLARious!! (funny how talking about something over drinks always sounds like such a great idea at the time, huh...? Stellar job, though!!)

Christina - you picked the perfect guy for the job. :)

Sam said...

Awesome Ts! Very inspiring actually - great designs and terrific wit - especially the bike one!! Hehehe!

Aline said...

I love husband lives in tee's outside of the office and would love most of these!

Pixel Wild Child said...

I am a very big fan of t-shirt graphics and I can literaly spend hours in Threasless voting for designs... great selctions here, very enjoyable post

drollgirl said...

i am so clueless and had not heard of threadless before reading this post! gah! THANKS FOR THE TIP!!!!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

I'm getting some great ideas of xmas gifts for guy friends and brothers! Thanks!

LenoreNeverM♡re said... so charming!
Thank you guys~

Gabbi said...

Fantastic prints! I love them all, but am especially partial to those with the more cute than masculine themes... like the birdies and the flying raccoon with umbrella.

Wishing the best fun at the Fair! Lucky Athenians who get to shop at both of your awesome stands.

katrina said...

That raccoon t-shirt is amazing. I'm adding the raccoon print shirt, along with a squirrel print, to my holiday wishlist!

###### said...

love the & tee

Monika said...

Great post! I agree that there are many not so stylish versions, but these look great. Fab Christmas idea for a style-concious guy!

Diana said...

i like these shirts for me!

keith p. rein said...

thanks everyone! be sure to check out more super awesome holiday gift ideas next month!

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