Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Under $100: Fall Boots

This post was inspired by a comment I received recently from Stephany. She asked if I had any ideas regarding affordable boots and since stylish affordability is my mantra, I totally took the bait. I immediately contacted her and we set up a price limit of $100. In case you're scoffing right now and thinking $100 is too expensive, or perhaps you're thinking $100 is too cheap, let me put your minds at ease. Boots are a GREAT investment when you're able to invest. If you take care of them and allow them to regularly visit the shoe doctor (if you aren't friends with your local cobbler, you should be because they're awesome) a good pair of boots will last you a lifetime. The following boots are a nice middle ground, why not try them on for size? (Somebody slap me the next time I try to use a pun like that).

Rainbow in Brown by BC $78

via Need Supply Co.

BDG Studded Suede Boot $48 (was $88)

via UO

'Sander' Distressed Knee High Boots by Steve Madden $99.99

via Overstock.com

Ramona Leather Riding Boot $76

via Delia*s

Rampage Iris $80

via Piperlime

Two Step $99.99 (from $169)

via Chinese Laundry

Riri by Unisa $99

via Piperlime

Horizon by Wanted $70

via Piperlime
Because this was a guide for someone else, I tried to pick a variety of styles in a few different colors. The morale of the story here is that there ARE boots for under $100, you just have look and make sure you read the material closely so that you're buying something of quality and not something that's going to fall apart after a couple of months.
My other suggestion is to seek out vintage boots locally or on Etsy or Ebay. My beloved Frye riding boots came from a vintage store and I bartered clothing for them! I didn't have the money, but I knew I HAD to have them, so you make do with what you have...right???

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frenchie said...

you've just done the post i needed!i desperatly need a pair of boots and #5,6 and 7 are just perfect...

René said...

Thanks for sharing. I have $100 in birthday money and need new boots. This helps!

stephany said...

thankyou so much christina!! this made my day! I have so many ideas now, can't wait to go boot shopping!!

We Blog Artists said...

SO, I like 3 of them...what a great post!
So pleased to know a fab fashionista like you!
Thanks for sharing about the contest...will head on over now...
Oh, I'm running a contest on my blog for one of my "Once Upon a Time" original watercolours...thought you may want to enter!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Great under $100 finds- I would have never guessed! Love the first pair :)

Magchunk said...

Great explanation of how "affordable" sometimes has to translate to "quality". After all, cost-per-wear goes down if the boots last longer! This is a really great round-up too. Lots of styles and heights.

Leah Brunner said...

I'm pretty much addicted to boots...I get sad during summer because it's not boot season!
love the first ones!

caroline joy said...

I want them all! Found your blog and am in love :)

. said...

woo hoo! Great picks, and I love that they're under $100 too.

Unknown said...

what great options! I'm on the hunt for new boots!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Uh-oh, you've just introduced me to Piperlime. This could be trouble. I want both of those pairs of boots!

Jill GG said...

Oh my, that second pair for only $48... I"m feeling a moment of weakness!

oh, hello friend. said...

oh i just LOVE boots!! :)
lovely collection!

xo. danni

valletta said...

I just bought the Rampage Iris in brown today at DSW for $60. including tax, woohoo!
I have expensive boots and was looking for some inexpensive "riding boots" that I wouldn't care about ruining (outdoor activities) and these were perfect. And they were comfortable when a lot of the other under $100 were not.
I'm going to wear them for Thanksgiving with black riding pants and a brown suede riding jacket (we'll be outside at a vineyard, no worries about heels or mud :)

Samantha said...

For being a cheap person, I am a total boot snob. Can't stand a pair that look cheap. You picked some nice ones at a good price.

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