Monday, May 11, 2009

Mobile (Fine) Art

Happy Monday everyone! If you sense false cheer in that statement, you might be right. Here's my weekend recap in a nutshell:
-DIY chairs, almost done. They're in need of final coat of sealant. Pictures to come.
-B got into a bike wreck. Bad news is his beautiful vintage bike that he worked so hard on is dead; good news is he is not (dead, that is.)
-I received another flat tire yesterday, this time in route to see B's mom. Not good. I'm beginning to think this is bad luck...three flat tires from nails in the past three months. What's up with that?
Anyway, on my last hanging mobile post, the very sweet Samantha from Bromeliad Living, left me a link on some pretty interesting hanging mobiles I'd like to share with you.
These pieces are actual sculptures from the artist Robin M Jordan and I think they're brilliant.
'War Prayers'
'Waterbottle Rain'
source: Robin M Jordan
3-d work was never my strength in school so I'm always impressed when I find pieces that manage to convey such strong presence, especially with the use of mixed media and found objects. I would definitely hang the 'Leaves' mobile in my home, fine art or not.
Thank you Samantha for the link!
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Ginger said...

What a terrible weekend! I hope everybody is well, and thanks, as always, for the lovely pics. I adore mobiles myself, and have made a few (or, tried to . . .)

kuhkjhkh said...

love the leaves one! Have a great Monday!

Blair Friedeman said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your weekend and so glad that your beau is ok!

Excited to see the chairs. These mobiles are all fantastic--especially that last one.

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

glad that b is ok...and hopefully your bad luck will end soon :)

i love the teardrops and the leaves..

Jennie Bee said...

I love mobiles.. but sorry to hear you had a bad wkend. Flat tires are the worse.

Haven and Home said...

Those are so imaginative. I am sorry to hear about the flat tire and wreck, glad everyone is okay.

paula said...

love that last one. What a weekend you've had. Hope the week is much better!

drollgirl said...

what a horrid weekend!!! but i am so glad your man is ok. eke. scary larry!!!!

and these mobiles are pretty wild!

i hope your week gets better and better, starting right this instant!

Dallas Shaw said...

well, after a run of bad luck, comes the good luck!


bananas. said...

love the leaves one...yes get the leaves one! and hopefully your week will be better than your weekend.


Courtney said...

I'm sorry about your weekend, but I'm glad you are all OK. And these pieces are beautiful!

Gabbi said...

Sorry about the bad weekend... the bike thing sounds scary but that's good that he's ok. Regarding the nails though, I have to tell you that a few years ago I had a similar problem and what I started to do was to check around where I would park my car to see if there were any loose nails before I took off and also I stopped using an alley shortcut I was fond of. Alley's and ditches are nail magnets. :)

Those mobiles are lovely, I've always wanted one but not sure where I would hang it?

Callie Grayson said...

i love the last one, leaves

Callie Grayson said...

i really like the last one, leaves!

Rachel said...

I love the leaves one. And your mobile idea has me really searching for something for our bedroom... we have a pitiful little corner that needs some life!

Bromeliad said...

I'll never look at a broken umbrella stuffed in a trash can the same way again.

Thanks for the link, too.

Unknown said...

I love these! Especially the leaves one! So neat- e

Aline said...

so sorry about all of the bad stuff:(

that last mobile is lovely:)

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