Friday, March 6, 2009

Thong, thong, thong, thong, thong

Ok, I'm going to just be honest here, because I really don't know how to say it- I. Don't. Like. Thongs. At all, as in not one bit, as in you can't pay me enough to wear them. I'm sorry...stop rolling your eyes. I want to kick the person in the shin that thought that a thong was a good idea. I've had other women tell me they find them "the most comfortable" and you know what? I think that is a load of BS, or maybe I'm just missing something. Am I missing something?. Either way, I can't stand them and would actually rather show some panty line than be incredibly uncomfortable the whole day. I know, I know who would do that, right? Well, ME, that's who! Please don't tell me to try a certain pair, or a different brand, because my mind is made up. I hate the thong. This is why I want to try Jockey's brand of "No Panty Line Promise."
At $9.50 a pop, I think I'm sold.

source: Jockey
Somehow, this confession has made me feel liberated. I guess I didn't realize my passionate dislike for the thong until I started writing...


Anonymous said...

right with you girlie! I hate thongs too!! Disgusting is all I have to say! But I still have to dance whenever I hear that know you do too:)

Christy said...

I 100% agree. They are the devil. I have found that American Eagle boyshort type undies are super comfortable and don't show lines. BURN YOU THONGS LADIES!

Claire Kiefer said...

First of all, it's so hilarious how you keep calling it "the thong" like it's a malicious entity . . . haha, my favorite line was "I hate the thong!" You know, I started wearing thongs in high school (obviously) and swore by them for like 7 years or something. I felt they were less bulky than regular panties, and as long as they weren't pinchy, I thought they were the greatest.

And then all the sudden a couple years ago something happened . . . once in a while I started reaching for one of my rare pairs of regular panties . . . and then I realized, "um, wait, these are WAY better!" After which I quickly re-converted back to regular panties and now I only wear thongs when all my other panties are dirty!

My favorite are Gap Body, I think . . . comfy and cute!

kadler said...

Oh I totally agree. I only wear them if I absolutely have to. I tend to go for boy shorts intead, but only the smoothest kinds (perhaps like these jockeys) so they don't leave a line.

Christina said...

you all make me laugh:) claire- i'm glad you've come to the other side!

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