Friday, March 6, 2009

Chairs and mobiles and chandeliers, oh my!

I was very excited to come across two bedroom "setups" that illustrate some of my previous posts.
Note the use of two vintage style chairs as bedside tables...
For more chairs as bedside tables click here. I'm also in love with that chandelier.

This second bedroom illustrates the use of a kinetic art mobile as a decorative piece. I almost didn't notice that disappearing, clear chair beside the bed:
source (both photos): Dwell Studio
For another example of a fun mobile, click here.
Happy, Happy Friday. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be working on my grad school application (finally), but I'll keep up w/the posts:) Thanks for reading!


Blair Friedeman said...

Good luck with the grad school application! I love that first room and the miscentered chandelier and the bedding in that second room is beautiful!

Rachel Follett said...

I want a mobile above my bed! That looks so cool! Good luck with your grad school application!

Anonymous said...

love the last bedroom look. I have always wanted a clear chair, but just do not how it would look in my room.... Good luck with your application, sweetie:)

Anonymous said...

Love the second bedroom... I've always wanted a mobile... Now I'm inspired to get one!

kadler said...

Wow. I love the molding in that second room. Unbelievable.

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