Monday, March 2, 2009

Globe Mobile

Last night, with nothing to do but be snowed in, B and I started searching for the perfect kinetic art mobile for our entryway space. B introduced me to the idea of a hanging mobile and I really love it. We are both super excited about this one:
"Globes" $70
source: Hanging Mobile Gallery
Each globe displays a different cartography era! Does anyone have a mobile hanging in there home? Do you like the idea?


Blair Friedeman said...

Never thought to put a mobile in my apartment before this post but I think it is a great idea.Love that each one is a different area.

Anonymous said...

It is a cute idea.

Courtney said...

This is a very cool idea. I especially enjoy the globe mobile you've chosen. I don't have any in my home but I love the look.

michelle said...

i used to have a mobile, but it broke. i loved it though and am still on the lookout for another!

kadler said...

I freaking love that. Can I buy it for myself if I don't have any kids? My dog might like it.

Christina said...

yes, buy it for yourself! we don't have kids either but i have tons of children's books and hopefully a new mobile or two.

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