Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reduce , reuse, reuse

A request about reusable shopping bag came in from a reader (in this case a friend) and my "take" on them. To answer that question, my take on them is that they're the best thing since sliced bread and I rarely leave home w/out one! My first reusable grocery bag was given to me for Christmas by my friend over at Multidabbling and I adore it. Not only is it cute, but it stores the equivelent of at least five plastic bags, maybe more.
This was my first bag, the Envirosak. The red floral fits my personality perfectly, I think.
"Flora" $8
source: greenloop
The Envirosak is great b/c it folds up to basically fit into your pocket, so there's no bulky material like you would find in a reusable basket or canvas bag.
This is what they look like folded up and you can buy them in bulk and have a few different patterns to choose from (or give them away as stocking stuffers!)
Set of 5 "Mikado pouch" $37.95
source: reusable
There are a TON of options for reusable bags to fit every personality (and every price range). I tried to find some that I like and I find reasonably priced.
Tuckerbags "Red Birds" $7.95
source: greenloop
This one is a bit more expensive, but I'm posting it b/c it's actually a back back that folds up to be teeny tiny. This type of bag is much more convenient say if you had a baby in your arms:)
Timbuk2 Hidden Backpack $27.95
source: reusable bags
ChicoBag $5 (guaranteed fair wage and fair labor)
source: EcoBags
Grocery stores now offer their own canvas version of a reusable bags. These usually don't cost more than $2 and are a great, convenient way to support the store's initiative. I own a bunch from Kroger and Publix (partly b/c when I forget my bags at home, I end up buying more!) I find the canvas bags to be less convenient, but still worthy. If you're into DIY projects and want to make one yourself click here. If you want to buy one that will feed a child in Africa for a year, click here. If you're wondering why it's even a good idea to use these or why not using plastic bags is important, click here. With all these great options out, there's no reason to continue using plastic bags! It's a small thing we can do to make a difference:)


Anonymous said...

yup, yup. Wholeheartedly agree. I've got my trader joe's reusable grocery bags. Love those :-)

Anonymous said...

It makes me SO happy how passionate we are all becoming about issues like this. I'm at the point where I feel so guilty when I forget my reusable bags, I'd rather just stuff things into my purse and my pockets and carry them in my arms than accept a paper or plastic bag. And I love the colorful options you've shared here!

P.S. I grew up in Athens! Glad to know there are still stylish and savvy gals rockin' hard down there :)


LOVE envirosak's fun patterns! i'm happy you visited my blog--care to exchange links?

me, myself, I said...

Great post - it's so, so important that we all do our bit :)

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