Friday, March 13, 2009

Shades for less

I'm an over sized sunglasses kind of girl. Some people aren't, but I think I kind of like the glamor they convey. You could be totally dressed down and not feeling well, but put on some big, fun sunglasses and wallah, it's a whole new you! I'm lucky enough to be able get vintage shades at the shop I moonlight at, but these are equally fun and only $10 a pop! That's about as much as I'm willing to pay b/c I lose them too much and can never get attached to just one pair.
The curvy, gold detailing on these make them one of a kind.
Basic beach glasses at their finest. These are great for a more conservative gal.
"Oversized Designer Frame"
The wayfarers are making a come back. Just embrace it.
"Oversized Vintage Wayfarer Sunglasse"
White shades are easier to wear than you may think. I heart the ones I own very much.
Source: OC Shades
It's supposed to rain all weekend in Athens so I will not be wearing any sunglasses. I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful weekend. Keep the comments make me smile!


Elizabeth said...

girlie! I'm right there with ya! I love sunglasses! the bigger the better! and I love ones that remind me of audrey hepburn!

Anonymous said...

I love the oversized sunglasses as well-and I know what you mean about having an "off day" and then putting on a great big pair-instant and effortless glam! The first ones that you picked out are lovely and I definitely need a new pair since I can never keep up with them for longer than a month ;)

PS~Erin said...

I love oversized sunglasses! I refuse to spend a lot of money on them, for lots of reasons (I lose them, It's not in the budget, my kids like to play with them, etc). Mine that I have now are from Target and I like them so much that when they cracked (thanks to baby boy), I went back and got an identical pair. That's fine bc they were $13!

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