Monday, March 9, 2009

Lime light

I've run across some really colorful posts today, a few of which contained some bold lime accents. So now I'm itching to share some other lime colored things that I find fun, bright, and endearing.
Why shouldn't your door and dog match? Don't ask why, ask "why not"?
source: Living Etc
This pillow speaks for itself.
Atelier R. Bernier {via print & pattern}
Masking tape doesn't have to be ugly.
Japanese Masking Tape $7.50
source: Ginko Papers
These are almost too cute to use...almost.
Lime Sprite Bath Bomb $5
source: bubbletub
The chocolate colored couch works to tone down the super bright walls.
source: Apartment Therapy
The opposite is true here: the lime saves this space from being overwhelmingly dark.
source: Apartment Therapy
So what's your verdict on lime? Do you use it in your decor at home?


Anonymous said...

like it in small amounts or just a pop of color. Like the room above, love it!

Blair Friedeman said...

I have definitley been warming up to it lately! Suprising love that lime accent wall!

Callie Grayson said...

great post!
i use lime in my beer! oh, and I am thinking of using it in my new house (if they ever take my offer, this waiting is killing me!!) fingers crosssed

Kristen said...

i love lime! especially that accent wall. absolutely delish.

Courtney said...

I'm loving the brown couch on the lime wall. Lovely effect. [However, although the pup is cute, I don't know if I could warm up to a lime door].

Stacy said...

The last photo is fantastic with the black walls.

Christina said...

callie- i like lime in my beer too:) maybe that's how i like lime best.

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