Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As part of my "do more w/your money" series, I'd like to talk about the company Edun. Edun "specializes in Organic clothing, Graphic Tees, and Eco Clothing with a mission to drive sustainable employment in developing companies." I suppose I have a special interest in employment ethics in the third world after seeing, first hand, the suffering and cruel conditions that exist in impoverished countries through previous relief work. Some people live by the philosophy that things aren't going to change, so why bother (i.e. not recycling b/c you don't think it's going to make difference). I believe EVERY act of kindness and conscious effort to alleviate suffering in others and our environment brings change. EVERY act, even when it seems hopeless. Hence, my "Do More w/Your Money" series continues in hopes that you'll agree that buying products made w/ethical standards in mind (no matter how small the product) is worth the money. I may not be able to afford much of what' on this site, but I think sharing the products is important. Here are some of my favorite pieces from this fabulous company:
Ashanti Tunic (made in Kenya)
Eve-Gal's Organic Tee (made in Uganda)
Nyasa Top (made in India)
source: Edun
What's most important to you about the clothing you purchase? If you could afford to, would you support a company like this? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Lesley said...

Edun was created by BONO and they sew poems in to the jean lining. I'm a big fan:) Have a great week!!

Christina said...

oops, yeah, i forgot to mention the bono part! however, i did not know about the poems in the jean lining. that's pretty cool.

Blair Friedeman said...

I absolutely would! And my first purchase would be that last shirt:)

Courtney said...

Ooh! I love love love that tunic. So cute.

I love supporting fabulous initiatives.

A friend of mine has recently started an eco-concious store in Vancouver. She features some great brands [all made in N. America]. You may find a brand or two you'll love. Check it out: http://www.bodypolitic.ca/

kadler said...

That tunic is gorgeous!

I think it's great to be able to support important causes through what you buy - like Edun. I try to buy used and vintage as much as possible to help reduce my consumption.

But, full disclosure, I'm not too great in this department. Fun clothes generally tend to win out over my eco-sensitivities. So I try to help out in other areas!

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