Monday, March 9, 2009

Dress up old school

There are few material items in this world that, for me, beat a great vintage dress (except maybe Ben and Jerry's oatmeal cookie ice cream). If I find a vintage dress that fits well, even if I don't have the money, I will snatch it up immediately and eat rice and beans the rest of the week. I don't buy high-end vintage b/c frankly you can find some really great, inexpensive dresses at your local vintage shops. It's funny how my vintage dresses tend to get the most compliments, but they cost me the least amount of money (and recycling clothing is good for the earth, too!) I encourage you, if you don't already, to find your local vintage shops and begin looking. If you have a style in mind, you can always talk to the store owner and, more often than not, they'll hunt something down for you. If you shop online, find someone who does alterations at reasonable prices. Being in a college town, we have a lot of talented young people that don't charge a lot for their services. Below are some examples of vintage dresses I think would be worth the money, time, and potential alterations.
The sweet neckline and overall shape of this dress is really flattering and look at that color!
Cotton Tulip Dress $32
source: Night Owl Vintage
Bold stripes and off set buttons scream mod, but in the best way.
Vintage Mod Mini dress $25
source: Justina Smartypants
I could see myself wearing this to a picnic or an outdoor event. The bib collar neck piece makes this really special.
Vintage 2 Piece Red Gingham Sleeveless Sailor Dress $44
source: SeamSewSwell
The color palette, nipped in waste, and floral design seem strangely modern. I love this dress.
Vtg 50's-60's Pinup pleated floral Mini Sundress (up for Bid)
source: Lullie Vintage
Try to ignore the scary mannequin...throw a slip on under this dress and you're good to go.
Vintage 80's Cutesy Flowers (up for bid)
Do you shop vintage? Why or why not?


kadler said...

Eek... love that mod dress!

I try to shop vintage/used, but there's not a ton of it in Hong Kong. Whenever I visit the States, however, I make it a priority.

Blair Friedeman said...

Those first two dress are absolutely amazing! I have never shopped vintage but I think it is just because I really haven't had the opportunity (as odd as that sounds!).

Anonymous said...

I've attempted to shop vintage...but to no avail. I had a friend in college who would always find the cutest things at vintage stores. Not me! I should try it again.

I love the purple dress!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to shop vintage, but was never near any good stores....I def. am going to have to get that floral mini dress!! Boston should have some vintage shops. I will just have to do some research to find out:)

flynn said...

I'm addicted! My vintage stuff is definitely my most stylish but I was still put off at first. The tags made me feel like a boat for even trying them on. They shouldn't have. Marilyn Monroe may have been a 50's size 12, but she was closer to a *modern* size 6.

For those just starting, I'd recommend eyeballing things or asking someone in the shop to help you so that you don't freak out when the dress "in your size" doesn't fit around one of your knees.

Love Stella Rose said...

I live for vintage, but I am not limited to clothes! I do shoes, material, jewelry the possiblities and obession never ends..hahaha

I find ALOT thrifting though so I save big bucks :)

Angie said...

Ok so I could've used your eye this weekend at the vintage clothing and textile show I went to in Burbank. I was so overwhelmed by everything and everyone there I could only spot the loud and tacky. Nothing as adorable as the 4th photo with the blue dress!!!

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