Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm feeling the blues...

The bedroom in my old house was painted a striking Caribbean blue and for my new bedroom, I decided I wanted to stick with blue, just a toned down version. B and I picked out a light blue which ended up on our walls as a pretty true baby blue. This is not what I wanted, however, I'm finding that this color is much easier to work with than I initially imagined. (Thank goodness). It's very neutral, actually, and we're adding some deep blues, greens, and mustard yellow into the decor. (If I had a working camera, I'd show you). In the meantime, here are some other blue rooms that I find fantastic.
The monochromatic color scheme doesn't stifle the femininity of this room. Oh, and I want that chair.
source: Coddington Design {via The Richards Home Remodel}
This room is so easy on the eyes and the blue is extremely neutral
source: Apartment Therapy
I like the contract of the stark black frame against the blue and am hoping to do something similar in my room.
This blue has a slight purplish tint to it, which makes it quite interesting. The use of yellow here is just enough and not at all too girly.
source 2 previous photos: Living Etc
Bam! The person who decorated this room is not scared of blue. There is nothing monochromatic about my house, so this is very interesting to me.
source: Martha Stewart Living
My background in art and social work/psychology has reinforced my belief in the importance of color on one's emotions. If you tend to be stressed or can't sleep well at night, paint your bedroom blue. If you tend to overeat, paint your kitchen blue. Your paint choices will affect your mentality on some level so choose wisely!


Callie Grayson said...

I painted my bedroom blue too, but i moved my bed into the dining room and made my bedroom the office. I love sitting in here and relaxing.
great images.
hope to see your images of your room soon.

Courtney said...

I love blue, too. Something about it just so calming. I really enjoy that first room [especially that chair]! It's a pretty shade of Tiffany blue.

kadler said...

I love that first monochromatic room. I would never think to do blue on blue, but it really works. And I loved the little framed dress!

Wally said...

Funny, I´m not the only one who is going blue in my bedroom - must be a trend :-)
Looking forward to see pictures!

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