Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wide open spaces

Ok, so I have a few irrational fears. Some of my paranoia comes from watching way too much CSI, Law and Order, and Dexter but some of my fears come from my personal experience as a social worker. Perhaps my most ridiculously crippling fear is that of roaches (and if you've ever been in a condemned house w/an infestation you'll know what I'm talking about). Even typing the word is making a shiver go up my spine...eew. The reality in Athens, GA is that you're bound to come across a roach and I don't care how OCD and sterile you are.
When I think about kitchen spaces I like the idea of having open storage b/c I can't stand reaching into a dark cabinet and potentially touching a roach or some other freak-of-naturish thing that simply shouldn't be touched (by me). Luckily our new kitchen will also have open storage so I've been looking around trying to find the best organizational tools so that the kitchen is in order and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some ideas I've run across:

source: The Kitchn

Roaches beware! You can't hide from me.


Corie said...

blogspot doesn't want me to post a comment. This is my third try.

the last one! I heart metro racks.

michelle said...

i have that rack! and if you want to use it while i'm in london, you can!

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