Thursday, February 23, 2012

Down and Out Beauty: Easy Foundation Tip

I just want to give you a quick tip today on how to make your foundation last all day and maintain its true color. Those of us with oily or combination skin are very familiar with the midday shine through the t-zone and either disappearing or yellowing foundation. Everyone is quick to blame the foundation but over active oil glands are the true culprits. Our sebum mixes with the oils in the foundation causing oxidation or slightly emulsifying the foundation making it disappear or slid off your face.
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The trick to prevent this from happening is so simple its almost comical. After you've applied your foundation, split apart a two ply tissue and using the single ply, press against your face. It helps to divide your face into sections while doing this to make sure you've absorbed the maximum amount of oil. Not only does this add longevity to your makeup but it sets the foundation without powder, smooths the look of pores and gives your face the look of bare skin. Since the tissue only absorbs oil, you can do this multiple times throughout the day to reduce shine.
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If you are using powder or mineral foundations you can have quite the opposite problem with too powdery a finish. To take away that powdery edge, fill a spray bottle with purifyed water or rose water and after you've finished applying your foundation, spritz the water evenly over your face. You just want to dampen your skin and allow it to air dry. This will leave the coverage from the mineral foundation but take away the dry finish.

- Layne
Layne is a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist working at Urban Sanctuary in Athens, GA. She writes the makeup and beauty column, Down and Out Beauty. Click here to read her previous posts. 


NauticalWheeler said...

lol I love this and it's so simple!

From Brooklyn with love,


Sécia Mischke said...

Smart smart smart. Thanks for the tips!

♥ sécia

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