Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Around the House

Cameras + Books = two of my favorite things.
An old camera case, given to us by B's grandmother.
Remember this DIY project from forever ago? 
We decided to hang the fabric pieces over our new/old bed. We'll probably re-do the bedframe, but for now, we like how beat up it is.
A little self portrait action.
A little dog portrait action.
Our new home is slowly begin to feel like our space. There are so many things we'd like to do and my wish list for the space feels never ending, but until we've found gainful employment, we're going to make do with what we have. Being forced to not buy anything new (this includes flea market and vintage finds) reminds me that what we already have is enough. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective or a fresh coat of paint to see an item in a new way. Other times it take a healthy dose of gratitude and a spoonful of humility to make you realize that everything you need is already in front of you. 


Samantha said...

Terrific photos.

Lauren said...

beautiful home and OH SO TRUE reflections!

Arianne said...

nice :) cool photos

gina said...

It looks so nice already - can't wait to see more as you continue to decorate :).

Kristin said...

I just love this post. I feel the same way sometimes - like the list of things I want to do, add, buy, change, etc. is never ending. Thanks for the reminder that I really do have all that I need - bookshelves and books to fill them being some of my most precious possessions. From the looks of things, we have a lot of the same books on our shelves, too :)

Thanks again, Christina, for the reminder to feel grateful for our lives of plenty.

Lora said...

hi christina! hope you are doing well. i love what you've done with your house - so happy and colorful, with lots of vintage goodies around. love it! and your bangs look really cute, too. :)
just wanted to say hi! lora
(ps-i'm doing a giveaway on my blog for a necklace and vintage fabric in case you want to stop over and enter: http://eagerhands.blogspot.com)

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Oh, I love the colour of your wall - the fabric looks great against it!

herecomesthesun said...

From what I can see your home looks so lovely. We're hoping to buy our first home within the next 6 months and all I can think about is how to decorate our little space! Cannot wait!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos and I love your new/old bed, I'm looking for something similar for my new place.

xo Mary Jo

Diana said...

it's looking great so far. We have to wait until November to buy furniture (we only had one love seat and two bar chairs at our little apt) but I'm having so much fun playing house in the meantime. Your decor looks great, Christina.

Sécia Mischke said...

Cameras and books are my favorite things too! ;)

♥ sécia

beauty comma said...

this is so true, christina! new styling and decoration inspiration is available everywhere these days, and this brain of ours gets so easily bored and wants something new all the time...
i remember the diy project, and i love your bed frame.
good luck with your job search! it will work out fine (i'd hire you)!

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