Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweedish Habeens + H&M

I have never spent as much on a pair of shoe as I did last year when purchasing my Sweedish Hasbeens (seen here). The eco-friendly leader of clogs and all shoes stylishly bohemian, Sweedish Hasbeens has teamed up with H&M to offer a line of affordable and equally lovely shoes. The line will be available in stores April 20th (please bring them to Atlanta!) for around $70 a pair. Whoa people. Whoa. 
images: h&m (via racked


Beach House Living said...

Those look fun and it's nice to get a trustworthy review of comfort!

Claire Kiefer said...

Wellllll this is just about in perfect time for summer. YAY!

Stephanie said...

I was totally not planning on buying any new shoes this summer. And then I fell in love with those red ones. ;-)

Unknown said...

Goddammit. I've had enough of these enormous chain stores collaborating with totally awesome companies and designers. Especially since I CAN'T get my hands on them in NZ. Dammit.

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