Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Slow Readers Book Club: Finny

The newest book on the Slow Readers' agenda is Finny by Justin Kramon.  I've been a bad, bad, admin and member for not keeping up with the other books, but I'm determined to get back on track! Here's a snippet of the book's description:

"We meet Finny Short as an observant, defiant fourteen-year-old who can't make sense of her family's unusual habits...Finny figures she's stuck with this lonely lot until she meets Earl Henckel, a boy who comes from an even stranger place than she does.  Unhappy with Finny's budding romance with Earl, her parents ship her off to Thorndon boarding school..."

If you haven't heard of the Slow Readers Book Club, you can check out my introductory post for more info about how this club started.  If you're interested in joining the book club (and you should be because it's fun, casual, all about reading, AND it's open to everyone so what's not to love?) you can join the conversation in our forum (signing up for an account is easy peasy).  Introduce yourself to the hundreds of members and then jump into the conversation about the book.  You can also find the Slow Readers on Twitter. Hope you'll join us!


gina said...

Finny is my dog's name...well Finn, but we call him Finny. I think it's a sign that I should join this edition of the slow readers book club!

stephchows said...

what a fabulous idea!! I just joined a real life book club...but i'm not so sure it's going to work out... this sounds like so much fun!!!


Oh, boy...I had yet to check in.

What a pleasant surprise.


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