Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Friday + Thoughts

Happy Friday dearest readers. I'm going to be honest here,  I've been torn this week with posting because I feel silly and flippant not having mentioned something (anything!) about the fact that we are facing an ecological disaster caused by the tragic oil spill that continues to pump it's poison into the Gulf of Mexico.  I suppose I just wanted to mention to you that I am not only aware of the situation but have been deeply saddened and horrified this week as videos were released and statistics gathered on the increasingly scary situation we are facing.  Although D&OC is a design/style/shopping blog, I am still an individual who has strong opinions about politics, environmental issues, philanthropy, etc. as I am SURE all of you, being well rounded individuals, have your own as well. I suppose I just needed to admit and acknowledge that I am anxious and scared about this situation and there's simply no hiding my concern and ultimately my fear.  I just needed to remind you and myself that although I post about wish lists and other superficial things, that I am cognizant of the more important issues in life, this situation being one of them.
I'm definitely not trying to leave this week on a negative tone SOOOOO, on a more positive note:

*One of D&OC's amazing sponsors, Dahliaville, is offering readers a 20% discount with the code "DOC20" upon checkout.  Dahliaville is brand new shop run by the very talented Anna of Much Love.

*Ez of Creature Comforts just started a *free* guide to better blogging that is chalk full of wise advice from a seasoned and successful blogger. I'm excited to see her future posts on this topic.

*Tara of Scoutie Girl recently wrote an open letter to Oprah that I found pretty poignant.  I'm crossing my fingers Oprah will see it!

Have a lovely weekend dearests and thanks for being you and for sharing your thoughts with me this week. 
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Beach House Living said...

Dear Christina,

I struggled with writing the post with the link shown below. Like you opted to show "awareness" that lives human and animal and beauty are falling apart around us. It's far from a pretty post.

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

It's a tough call to make whether or not you should go "serious" on a blog but I think you did it right.

My husband and I are boycotting BP gasoline.

oh, hello friend. said...

happy friday friend. i appreciate your honesty and openness about the oil spill in mexico. it is so true i think we all often get caught up in 'superficial' things in the world - but thanks for making us aware of what's going on in the world, beyond pretty pictures and cute houses and other things like that.

Jennifer said...

I've been struggling with this as well. I often feel strange posting positive things when there is so much horror happening in the world. Even more reason we need beautiful inspiration though! And, like you've said, it's also very important to be aware of these issues.

Thank you for this post!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

horrified~ the photos @ pictures are heartbreaking!

Mallory - Miss Malaprop said...

Apparently a person I know was posting things on Facebook about "how can other people be posting about their kids or what they had for dinner when there is this tradegy in the Gulf??" She was accusing everyone else of not caring, which is SO untrue. I live in New Orleans, and I KNOW that everyone I know is deeply, deeply concerned and troubled by all of this, but at the same time, we all feel pretty helpless. Even those who have tried to volunteer are turned away, because the training to do cleanup work is so specialized and takes a long time because of the toxic nature of this.

What can we do? Keep hoping and praying and moving forward with positive actions. Donate money to wildlife groups if possible. Call and write your government officials and tell them you want BP to be punished and that you want clean energy alternatives. Drive less, bike & use public transport more. Boycotting BP is a step, but this could have happened to ANY oil company. Last time it was Exxon with Valdez.

These guys are making rags for animal cleanup:

These Etsy shops are donating to wildlife groups:

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Powerful post... it is such a shame what is happening- I agree scary.

Christina said...

Mallory- great tips and suggestions. I hate feeling helpless but I know that every donation, no matter how much helps and makes a difference as does simply discussing it and helping spread awareness. Thank you!

Beth said...

Very thoughtful and appropriate, I know that we are all disappointed and dismayed at the horrific spill. It's just heartbreaking to watch the news and the thought of the long term effects are terrifying.

xoxo Beth

Kathysue said...

I know what you mean, everytime I see the poor wildlife I could cry. A friend of mine was at a beach in florida, the oil had not reached their beach yet but the poor sea animals were all swimming as close to shore as possible, schools of jelly fish. I thought how sad they are even trying to get out of the water because they know what is coming, truly tragic. All the poor fisherman and crabbers that have had this in their families are now out of work, it is beyond belief what mankind has done to our beautiful EARTH, Kathysue

BloomsBloomsBlooms said...

thank you for posting this. it's all about balance- it's hard to put into words but i feel like some people are so out of touch right now- thanks for bringing the "real world" into the fantasy land blogs can be sometimes.

S and O said...

It is so sad what's happening out there with that oil spill, every time they come out with new pictures of poor animals covered in oil and birds that can't fly anymore because of the grease it just makes me bummed out :(
I just try not to get too depressed about the whole thing because negativity never really helps anything.

I hope you have a great weekend too ^_^


Mikaela said...

Mallory you are so right... I feel so helpless, and it is such a huge thing to deal with. Everyday it's getting worse and worse, and it just feels like nothing is being done.

Gabbi said...

Great post Christina, don't think I've ever gotten a 'silly' or 'flippant' read on your blog and love that you wrote about the disaster. Loved Paige's idea of boycotting BP gasoline.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Ana Carolina said...

Tks for the iniciative. We can right about what people call superficial things, but we are not superficial individuals.

Diana said...

This is indeed a strong topic and once again, you've done it justice.
I couldn't believe BP owns so many companies (they are the third largest company globally, it shouldn't surprise me), but I'm aware and doing to boycott.

Scott and I have donated to the initial cause. Our worries are not just for sea life, but what will happen to the food chain in the long run? It may sound extreme but there will be a concern for it sooner or later.

drollgirl said...

this whole situation is sickening. i feel like we have now RUINED the ocean. it wasn't in great shape before this accident, and now i don't know how it will ever recover. it is so upsetting.

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