Saturday, May 22, 2010

Down & Out Dapper #10: Birthday Ed.

It's time for some more man style and art selections, brought to us by monthly guest blogger, Keith.  Keith celebrated a birthday this past week, and sadly I didn't get to see him but alas, birthday drinks will surely be shared, even if it's late! Take it away Keith...

G'Morning! If you guys didn't know already, I am an illustrator and designer in Athens, GA and my wife owns a small bakery in town called Ike & Jane. I work there a few days a week as well. One of those days happened to be this Wednesday morning, which also happened to be my birthday. When I got there that morning at 5:30am my wife already had a sweet card and a small present waiting for me!

Too Late Watch $25
 It's super comfortable and waterproof to boot!
Here are a few things I received as gifts and a few others that are on my wish list, and probably your man's too.
After receiving mine in the mail this week, I have now decided that every man needs to have a tie clip. I had the The Taffy Box shop only stamp one letter on the right hand side of the sterling silver bar, and it looks sharp!
J.Crew 484 Slim-fit jean in Wheat Garment Dye $98
 I've been eyeing these for a while now. I think it takes a style conscious and confident man to pull off white pants... or everyday access to a beach and yacht. I haven't made the plunge yet on either yacht or white denim, what do you think? {editor's note- if there's any man who can pull of white skinny jeans, it's Keith. He's that good}
Does your boo like to keep things hot?! Maybe he would appreciate a personalized jug of Tabasco Sauce! My favorite flavor is chipotle.  You can submit up to 20 characters for the label, so be creative if you'd like: 
"For My Hotty" $45

Art Corner:
"Obama" John De Lucca $12

"Bubbles" Liva Rutmane $18
until next time.


Tonia Lee Smith said...

Happy Belated B-Day. Question, why does President Obama have a turtle on his head? Just want to know, I'm considering purchasing it.

Kristen said...

That personalized tobasco might be the coolest idea for a gift ever... making a note of that one!!

Christina said...

Keith- Tonia has a great question. Do you know what's up with the turtle?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karena said...

Happy birthday. I love youtr post!! It is so fun to read about other artists! I say go for the white denim!

Art by Karena

Beach House Living said...

I've never seen personalized Tobasco sauce before. What a neat idea.

carol@The Design Pages said...

Love the new watch and the Tabasco. Everyone I know will be getting a bottle soon!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Happy belated birthday Keith!

Sam said...

Late Happy Birthday wishes all the way from Sydney Australia Keith! Love, love that bubble girl print - what a cutie!

Diana said...

He looks so dapper in his birthday cap! Happy Birthday.

I love the Tabasco! Clever, Keith, clever.

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