Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Retail Therapy on the Cheap

I haven't felt my normal, chipper self the past couple of days. The huge Modcloth sale did help lift my mood though. Here's what I bought:
Blue Sky Bouquet Dress $18 (from $59.99)

Caught in a Web of Style Top $9 (from $29.99)

{via Modcloth}

This sale is moving fast, fast, fast so hurry! Nothing like a little retail therapy on the cheap to brighten things up, right?


Unknown said...

that dress is too great!

drollgirl said...

that dress is ADORABLE! and what a price! WELL DONE!!!!!!

drollgirl said...

and i hope you feel better soon. hang in there. :)

Unknown said...

sorry you don't feel yourself. That dress is gorgeous though :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that first dress is so pretty! Time for skipping under the summer sun


That dress is a major party find, and that tank is a great more-often find.
Well played.

I'm gonna give it again:
Wellness Shot
as a tea..
Fresh grated ginger > warms us up from the inside out, cheers us up.
Fresh squeezed lemon
Add hot water
And see your Self as...
warm and care free. <3

Gabbi said...

That sounds like an amazing sale... already I think their prices are really reasonable. Off to view now.

Also, sending wishes for a great rest of the week dear Christina!


Sierra said...

Modcloth sale? Glad I caught this post late otherwise I would have been in trouble, lol!

Jessica said...

Great deals for such cute items! I've been uninspired lately, so I know how you feel.

stephchows said...

So wish I was near by to go! That dress is over the top cute!

Rachel said...

I've been needing some retail therapy lately, but when I go to the MATERNITY section of a website, I sort lose all desire. Cute stuff though! Maybe I can get some things for post-baby wear?!

Sammy said...

When I came across Modcloth, I almost had an aneurysm over the sale items and how cheap they were. Then I saw the shipping cost to my country and thought, "forget it". Sometimes it sucks to live in New Zealand!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Love your purchases! By the time I checked out the sale, everything was gone :( I'm always late to the party!

Unknown said...

Oooh great picks! I totally missed out on this sale. I can't wait o see how you style them.

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