Monday, January 18, 2010

Down & Out Dapper #7: St. Valentine's

Happy Monday! Today we have our monthly guest blogger, Keith Rein, with us discussing V-day gifts and ideas for that man/boy/man-boy in your life. You can find the Down and Out Dapper archives here. Enjoy!
It's right around the corner and it's coming fast. Even if you don't celebrate it, someone in your life expects you to. So why not make Valentine's Day enjoyable? It is no secret that men aren't into Valentine's Day, and some may even be scared of the holiday. No matter how much your girlfriend or wife protests the idea of V-day not v.d. the nugget of doubt always sits in the back of a man's mind...
"does she really not want anything?
are flowers enough?
will nothing do?
can i play call of duty tonight?
... she wants something anyways doesn't she?"

Valentine's Day is a ladies holiday. Not to say you lovelies don't deserve it, but in order to get your man into the spirit of the day - make this one about him. This idea should surprise your man, or manchild, no matter how far you take it.

If you're hitting the town consider picking him up a few essentials for a dressed up, but casual night. I suggest utilizing subtle hue shifts for a timeless feel with a pop of color in the accessories.
red chambry tie. Urban Outfitters $19

shrunken blazer. Urban Outfitters $68

grey oxford. Urban Outfitters $29 Sale!

red & pink superhero socks. Sock it to Me $7.50

pink pocket square. JoS. A. Bank $18

rj colt perforated leather shoes. Urban Outfitters $50 Sale!
I bought these shoes last month. They are super comfortable and liven up any pair of dark jeans, I recommend cuffing up your jeans a bit.

If you are staying in you have to order some of this ridiculously delicious popcorn (thanks Uncrate for the heads up).
bacon caramel bourbon corn. Salted Caramel $12-34

Grab him this soft burned out raglan from Alternative Apparel.
$40 15% off thru 2.01

Stuck on ideas? Check it:
-Instead of going out for dinner and a movie. Make it! AND if you are the adventurous couple, make the movie too! you can upload that straight to my server
-For warmer climates, a hot air balloon ride would be bitch'n
-Look for drive-in movies in your area. Most of the time it's a $6/person fee for two movies. Bring a romantic picnic and wine or schlock it up with a beer and a bucket of fried chicken for a slasher flick!
-You don't need to spend it alone, have a game night. Mix it up with couples and singles and stick with finger foods and lots of booze!

I hope you guys all have a fantastic Valentine's Day, I'll be back next month with man picks and ideas for the home!


Lauren said...

A hot air balloon WOULD be bitchin'. Too bad I don't live in a warmer climate otherwise, sign me up. I'd totally be on board! I think it'd be so sweet and romantic not to mention beautiful.

Gabby said...

Love the super hero socks! And great date ideas too.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

great ideas!

Pretty Zesty said...

fab ideas, thanks!

ps, I have a giveaway on my blog. stop by if you can!

Blair Friedeman said...

Oh, would love to find a guy that would wear that pink tie!! Happy monday. xx

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Those socks please...


Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Great date ideas! My husband would be perfectly happy with a Valentine's Day bucket of chicken and horror flick. Unfortunately all of the nearby drive-ins are closed for the winter, so I'll have to get creative...

Monika said...

I love these ideas! I would opt for spending some time together - like TOGETHER without kiddos -, but I guess it will stay a dream!

Aline said...

my husband would so be all over this stuff!

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

you can always tell these effin bloggers who are in effing good relationships while i'm alone.

eff that!


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