Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Down & Out Dapper #6: Gift List

Welcome to the 5th edition of Down and Out Dapper, a monthly guest post series by Keith Rein. I hope you're enjoying his fresh (more manly, duh) perspective on style as much as I do!
Now as much as I'd like to think we're all done with our Holiday shopping, I know that inevitably procrastination and busy schedules sets most of us scrambling for those last minute gifts. If you're still looking for gifts, Keith has you set...oh and make sure to download the free gift at the end of the post!

Meet me in St. Louis!!! Merry Christmas everyone, I am posting from St. Charles, Missouri this month. I'm here for an early celebration with my wife's family, and so far it's going great. As great as something can go without any booze! (so please pour some out for your dapper homey - scotch or whiskey would be great. make it a double)

For Him
LightHouse Boot $145. It's like a boat shoe and boot got busy!!!
-Bacon of the Month Club $190 (6 months) 1 package each month with artisan bacon as well as recipes and other extras! This is one of those gifts that he's going to share with you = win/win!
-Stocking Stuffer!!! Space Food Sampler $20
-Shwood Sunglasses $95. Try getting yoru optometrist to pop in his own prescription for a unique look.
For Him or Her: Happy Socks $10 I love their logo, it's like a vintage department store!

For the Drinker:
-Home Brew Kit! Hurry and order now for Christmas! May I recommend the eggnog milk stout or grapefruit honey ale... Because I do.
-MicroBeer Club $35/month or less for a year's subscription
-Don't forget the Whiskey Stones

For the Geek:
Guitar Straps for Guitar Hero & Rock Band guitars $35. Artist Series are available, but the tooled western look is my favorite.

Sheldrake Frames by Oliver Peoples
Lemtosh Frames by Moscot
Lego Gun $70. Lots of assembly required, but that's most of the fun! Working magazine!

For Her:
Humble Foxy Tea Towel $20. I think every kitchen needs to keep some of the 60's aspects alive, and these little foxes are perfect.

Pair this with the Twilight book, Eclipse, and you are IN! You know she's gonna want to read it before the movie comes out. (When it does, make yourself scarce) $12
Nothing says "I Love You" like a little sense of humor. Laser Cut Wall Hanging $18

Still need some more ideas? Remember to check locally too, often times your own city will have a local Etsy organization, which is a great way to help out your citymates, and your own mate!

As a little gift for you all, feel free to download these holiday phone wallpapers that I've made just for you!
Look closely... those are humping deers!

Thanks Keith! Humping deer wallpaper is just what my phone needed for the holidays!

{p.s. you still have time to enter the Enchanted Leaves giveaway! Winner will be picked tonight}


Sanity Fair said...

The laser cut out is hilarious - and a lego gun? How many grown men will want this? Most, probably! lol.

S and O said...

oh those socks are great! I could totally see the guy's on my wish list wearing them:)
and that's one cool bleeding book!
haha -- that wrapping paper kills!
love the post!

Lizzy said...

Awesome! I love gift ideas! Oh and thanks for the phone papers! I just uploaded the second one to my phone!

Null said...

My hubby will die when I shock him with the homebrew kit. I am always giving him flack for enjoying anything but the drinks I like. Don't ask why; I guess I'm kind of annoying;-) Anyways, I want to be less so this year, so this is going in his stocking.

Thanks, thank you!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

This was so necessary, never have ANY idea what to get for my brother!

drollgirl said...

good lord! excellent gift ideas here! i can't even pick a favorite!

but it bears mentioning that i love how that guy's butt looks in those slim pants! :)

Sam said...

Gosh! Look at that lego gun!!! ...and I love the love heart "I still know which records are mine"!! Heeelarious!!

Aline said...

i'm stuck on bacon of the month club...i love it

A Perfect Peach said...

OMG - i want those boat-boots for myself. And as much as the bacon of the month club kind of grosses me out, I know a bunch of people who would absolutely love it!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Oh! I wish my boyfriend was not so classic (and boring!) to get him some cool clothes!... ;O)

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Those socks would brighten any gloomy day for sure! Christina darling, I dedicated a little post to you, I know you'd lurrrve it!

aaaa said...

omg!1 i fell for those socks!! they are awesome :)


Melissa Blake said...

Ooooh, I love the glasses!

Courtney said...

These are great tips - especially for the hard to buy for men on my list!!

Jessica said...

Few things make me happier than seeing a cheeky pair of socks poking out under a man's suit leg.

Unknown said...

Oh god the thought of my boy making home brew makes me feel a bit ill! Hahahahaha.

Nina said...

What fabulous gift ideas!


Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Love the foxy tea towels and those groovy eyeglass frames!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much! I just ordered a brew kit for my man :)

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