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Hump Day Spotlight: Steph Chow

Happy Humpday and welcome to the 9th installment of Hump day Spotlight! You can check out the previous posts here. Since it's been a minute since our last installment, allow me to explain the series. Humpday Spotlight is simply a way for me to share with you a blog that I'm enjoying, reading religiously, stalking, etc. There are no ulterior motives to my choices; I'm just wanting to share a blog that you may or may not be reading. Each spotlight includes a series of three simple questions and lots of fun links. I hope you enjoy and I'll hope you'll stop by and say hello to this week's spotlight: Steph Chows.
I first happened upon Steph Chows, a food blog, when Steph one a giveaway here on D&OC. I was immediately smitten with all the gorgeous photos of food and the description Steph gives her blog, "Steph chows is a journey into the world of healthy eating, while making it taste just as good as the 'bad' stuff."

Describe yourself in three words:
spunky, eclectic, hungry

If you could only eat FIVE meals for the rest of your life, rotated over and over again (just because) what would they be?
OK no joke, as much as I constantly have different things on my blog and love trying new recipes... I totally get into ruts of eating the same thing. For example I eat cereal at least once a day... if not twice (come on snack time!). So that's my first meal pick...
1) Cereal: Not just one though, I like to mix them... bran flakes, whole grain cherrios, honey bunches of oats.... everyone in the bowl!
2) Home made pizza- the crust, the sauce, it's so good!! Don't buy it premade, make it yourself, you'll be happy you did :)
3) Sushi- I love me some sushi... although that would get wicked $$ if I was eating it every other day :D
4) It's a toss up between a genoa salami sandwich or a taylor ham and egg sandwich made on this bread. I try to eat whole wheat most of the time... but if I could only have one kind of bread for the rest of my life, this would be it. And I'd have some baked sweet potato fries to go as the side.
5) My dad's family ravioli recipe, and my mom's sauce recipe. I haven't posted it, but it involves rolling the dough super thin, and the filling is spinach, aged cheese, and a tri-meat mixture. It's amazing!! I've never had a ravioli anywhere that tastes as good as these do.

I'm realizing if I could only pick 5 meals I would be one fat woman since none of that stuff is over the top healthy hahaha! And almost everything is carbs!!

What recipe would you share w/myself and readers of D&OC?
The meal I would have you make... hmmm
To start the meal I say make this bread to dip in olive oil and cracked black pepper. It's so easy... and so so tasty! Seriously, very short rise time, and my friends who have never made bread (and are scared of yeast) made this and loved it!
Thyme Rosemary Bread
For the main course:
A mustard maple chicken with rice, but instead of spinach like in the below link I'd make brussels sprout chips! (don't hate they rock my socks off)
Then you HAVE to have dessert :)
Carrot Cupcakes
B and I had huge plans to cook everything Steph suggested for our meal. Well, Sunday was my only day off this week, so we didn't get to everything, but we did try the maple mustard chicken and the brussel sprout chips. Both were YUMMY, although we had some trouble with the brussel sprout chips and weren't quite sure the texture we were going for. Either way, Steph got me to eat BRUSSEL SPROUTS, something my parent could NEVER do! B and I have every intention of trying the bread and cupcakes too.
For healthy, tasty recipes and entertaining, honest reviews check out Steph Chows!
Who knows, you may end up eating brussel sprouts and LIKING them!


###### said...

its to early for this starving

. said...

yum!!! I love new recipes.

A Perfect Peach said...

Can't wait o check out this site - brussel sprout chips! Brilliant!

stephchows said...

Thanks so much for featuring me!! I hope everyone enjoys all the fun and tasty recipes :)

Susan - said...

The carrot cupcakes - maybe I'll make those today! Thanks for sharing this site!

Unknown said...

wonderful post. i really enjoyed it.

drollgirl said...

gah! now i am STARVING!!! all of this looks and sounds so TASTY! i must go check out her blog. oh dear. FOOD! :)

Caitlin said...

Good grief all that stuff looks soooo yummy!

Diana said...

this is a delicious blog! even if i can't eat some of these things, i can drool over them!

Unknown said...

The maple mustard sounds yummy- as do these other dishes! Cute series :)

Blair Friedeman said...

I am officially starving now and really want to levea work and go make that bread!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Love this Hump Day Spotlight series...thanks for bringing it back!

I'm going to drool now over at Steph's....

Aline said...

yum! i'll have to check out her blog!

leni said...

i think the food looks delicious!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Aaaahhhh!!! We should have a dinner all the readers of Down and Out Chic and have that delicious meal... yummyyyy!!! how fun would be that??? Oh well, dreaming is for free :O)

Im going to visit this blog it sounds promising!

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