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Down & Out Dapper #3

Dearest Readers,
If you read any post of mine this week, I will it to be THIS one. First of all, it's NOT mine, it's our monthly guest blogger, Keith Rein (designer of all things blog related for Down and Out Chic). If you missed the first two installations, you can find them here. This month's post includes a denim guide for men (um hello?! We need to know these things, b/c I'm sure your man has questions.) Then there's a little gift guide for him and a few SEXY items for her. This is good, so take a few minutes and soak in all this manly advice.
Hey everyone! Welcome to the middle of the month and another sessions of Down & Out Dapper.

The weather is starting to cool down and it's almost time to completely retire your shorts for the season and slip into your tried and true blue (jeans). Every guy needs to have a well made, crisp looking jean that effortlessly dresses down & up. Enter, the designer jean.
Now there is a lot of crap out there, so just keep it simple and classic. After all, you will be spending a bit more money than usual for blue jeans, so keep them versatile.

The men's line of 7 for all mankind have a large line of varying styles that will last over the years and age with you. These guys are durable and most of them are Manly Man jeans, although a few have some unnecessary bling... avoid those ones.
Slimmy with Plaid Squiggle in Montclare - 7 for all mankind $215

Long Bootcut in Port Lions - 7 for all mankind $195

The following pair are one of my favorites (I may even be wearing them right now!). Its a lighter weight denim that's great for the south or any warm climate.

Brixton Straight Leg - Joe's Jeans $158

Another jean that will last longer than you'll expect are Kasil Jeans. Sorry I couldn't grab a better picture, these guys are still worth checking out.
The Bowie fit (Slim Straight) or Rogers(Slim Boot) among others - Kasil $154-196

Some things to keep in mind:
-Avoid any flair on the back pockets. No one needs a bedazzled ass.
-Don't buy something with holes in it, you'll do that on your own over time.
-About 90% of designer jeans will have to be hemmed for your height. It is inexpensive to have done. To keep a nice silhouette and fit, have a small break so the fabric falls straight to your shoe with a little dimple (it shouldn't be too baggy).
-Once you have a pair hemmed to your liking you can use it as a template for future jeans. Which means less trying on, because let's face it, guys hate trying on clothes. I think it stems from being young and having our mothers pull at our waists and squat in every single item we tried on... even gloves!
-Wash your new jeans (inside-out to preserve the color) 1-2 times before you take them in to be hemmed.
-Check for jeans at discounted stores like Nordstrom: The Rack.

The most important thing about jeans or any clothing really, is wearing garments that fit your body type. Most guys haven't figured this out yet...

Now for my favorite part!!!

---Gift Corner---
For Him
He may already own the Beatles Rock Band, however did he spend the extra cash to get one of the not included Special Edition Guitars? I know you are asking if it matters - Yes, it matters. Not only do they look way cooler, they are constructed way better too. Now if he could only sing... (that's a direct stab at me, sorry boo).

I know that no one plays Rock Band sober. I also know that in the middle of a grueling set list you don't have time to sip your cocktail. So the ice is melting into your delicious whiskey, diluting your courage. Well, drop a few of these whiskey stones ($20) into your glass to keep your liquid fire cool. The stones are stored in your freezer and are ready to use, afterwards, simply rinse, dry, & store until next time.

Speaking of whiskey - this eau de toilette is described as having a "deep woodsy and amber fragrance" accompanied with a touch of spice.
Too much for you?

You could always try the wood shave jelly. Both are made by Portland General Store

For Her
I know you ladies love dresses with pockets. And this one happens to be playfully sexy.
Structured Dress - Need Supply Co. $68

Fall will be here sooner than you know it. You can look like a tough cutie in this jacket.
Kava Jacket - Need Supply Co. $58
P.S. It looks really great with a scooter

For the Both of Us

Gossip Girl season's pass on itunes
If you hear "I don't like it" then they haven't seen it or they're lying. Dare I say B even likes it... shoot! did I let the cat out of the Stella McCartney bag? I should mention it helps to watch this show in the same way you might watch a sci-fi movie. Because this is definitely an alternate reality. read: the poorest kids have a retired rocker for a father who owns a huge Brooklyn loft and an art gallery.

American Apparel Queen Jersey Sheets $56
Since they are made from the same sweatshop free shirts they're famous for, it's just like sleeping in your favorite t-shirt except there's room for your favorite person AND it doesn't look as weird as sharing a XXXL shirt with your spouse!

I'll catch you guys next time.
{winner of the Epheriell giveaway will be announced tonight! Don't forget to enter!!}


heisschic said...

great timing- i definitely have to consider finding a couple of those gifts for *his* upcoming birthday.

and yes- love dresses with pockets. just have to find one that doesn't make me look too "hip"py.

LifestyleBohemia said...

Awesome post! It's rare to come across gift possibilities for my guy on my fav blogs, so this made me happy :)

me melodia said...

I'm buying those whiskey stones right now.
Great round up!

DENNI said...



avant garde design said...

such fun this post is! i've already saved the general store link and the need clothing site. super finds and fun to have a guys perspective :)

Blair Friedeman said...

Those whiskey stones are too cool! Great post.

Julia said...

Okay, this whole post is chalk full of useful tips--from jeans to whiskey rocks (so clever, by the way)!

christina said...

Love, Love, Love this post. I'm definitely going to be emailing this one to my husband. And I fervently agree about the bedazzled ass. No guy (or girl, in my opinion) needs that. I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit that last night's GG was my first. Where have I been all along? But I DO love it, even though I may have to pretend otherwise in certain circles.

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

Fab post!! I am really digging that Kava cool. And I had no idea that American Apparel made sheets...dreamy all the way!

Diana said...

I can't show Scott that guitar! He'll want to buy it, even if we just have the regular xbox guitar that works perfectly fine. He is such a guy-wanting the latest and greatest gadgets.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

"No one needs a bedazzled ass" Tee-hee.

Love the Kava jacket. Want it. Need it.

I'm going to have to catch up on Gossip Girl on DVD. I did make my husband watch the premiere of the new Melrose Place, but so far it pales in comparison to the old Melrose. But I do love me a nighttime soap, so perhaps I'll keep watching...

Beth Cyr said...

um, those whiskey stones might be the coolest (HA!) things ever - do you have them keith??

Kellie said...

Awesome picks! And those whiskey stones are sweet!

keith p. rein said...

i don't have them yet, beth. but i have used some before, they're fantastic.

GUGAW said...

ooh those whisky stones are very cool

Gaia said...

Great post...I'm a fan of gossip and I always watch it paying very much attention at everything!

Joanna Goddard said...

this post is so cute!!!!

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