Friday, May 1, 2009

I've been silenced

I had a few friends over last night, we used to work together, and it was a blast. Wait, let me say that was a blast until one of my friends showed me this AMAZING bag that I absolutely love and immediately wanted to share with you all. The problem is, my friend (very adamantly) made me promise that I would NOT post it. What??? I tried to argue with her, but she's not budging, she loves the bag too much and doesn't want anyone else to get it. She says I can buy it if I want, but I am not to share it, or else. I'm not testing her; I know better. Instead, I'm going to share some other bags I really like that may or may not be on the same website as the unnameable one. Sorry.
I can see myself carrying this around, and perhaps, occasionally petting it.
Pleated Clutch with Circle Push Lock $76
A neutral, go everywhere, do anything kind of bag.
Pleated Shoulder Bag $83
I'm a sucker for white bags during warmer weather...they're just so easy. I like the compact shape of this one.
Front Gathered Bag with Circled Metal $97
Perfect for summer nights, downtown.
Floral Fold Over Clutch $48
{all available on melie bianco}
This friend better not ask for me to keep my lips sealed again (yeah, you heard me, I know you're checking to see if I caved).
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I have a little DIY project planned thanks to the inspiration I found on Kotori's blog. I'll try to document it (but I'm really not a great do it yourself-er). B and I planned an impromptu trip to see his family on Sunday which means I get a day off (I'm doing a little dance). It looks like it's going to be a busy weekend, but expect a post or two. Oh, and don't forget to enter the always, thanks for reading.


Laura Trevey said...

Love the yellow one at the bottom! So fresh and Summery :)

Courtney said...

This is a great round-up, and I am such a sucker for white bags during warmer weather too.

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

love them all !!! nice finds ...ok I must confess a particular liking for the yellow one :)

Kellie said...

The yellow clutch is a beauty. And if these are all melie bianco's I love it b/c they are chic and cheap! :)

Aline said...

I love all of your choices!!

Aline said...

By the way....I am loving that site, thank you!!

Unknown said...

Awww but sharing is caring!!! I love the last yellow one. I love clutches in general but I carry too much stuff to make them practical. Unless I started carrying around a sack!

bananas. said...

that first one is too cute. love the color.

Couture Carrie said...

Such a funny story about your friend wanting to be unique with her bag - I can empathize! All of these are lovely, especially the clutches!


drollgirl said...

what?!?!?! i just checked the link! such cute bags, and the price is right!!! today has been shittay to the max, so i might just buy a new bag to make it all better. wheeee!!!!!


Caught between a girl and her bag...Yikes!

I am all over the bohemien snake-fake-out:

Luxe Python Hobo in Grey!..and wear it with anything Missoni. ;)

Amy said...

The minty bag at the top made me rethink my entire wardrobe - so gorgeous!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these are all gorgeous!!

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