Thursday, April 30, 2009

Giveaway: Recycled Jewelery from Artwork by KD

Recycling, recycled, reduce, reuse,'ve heard it all I'm sure, but perhaps not so much when it comes to jewelery. I am most certainly not someone who needs something new all of the time. In fact, I often like an object or item if I feel like it tells a story of some sort or if it has a history. Perhaps this is why I'm drawn to vintage items and, most recently, recycled items. I first came across Artwork by KD months ago and was immediately smitten by this Etsy jeweler's take on recycled jewelery. I bought these earrings in a bright purple without hesitation:
Recycled Plastic Wafer Earrings $11
I also bought these small beauties (I don't think they're available any longer):
I wear both of these earrings a lot because they go with everything, they're super lightweight, and they're a little bit funky.
All jewelry made for this very special shop comes from plastic bottles and aluminum cans (how cool is that?)
Here are some of my other favorite pieces...
Recycled Plastic Tissue Paper Rounds w/hand made sterling filled ear wires $11
This piece was featured in Etsy's Eco Friendly poll (I love the bright color against the thin metal wire).
Recycled Orange Juice Bottle Bracelet $11
Kathy, owner and creator of this fun line, is giving away this Recyled Plastic Red Bracelet to one lucky reader of Down and Out Chic!
Isn't it fun? It will be perfect with summer outfits and it will give the little pop of color to more neutral tones.
{all photos via Artwork by KD}
Rules for Entry (blah, blah...)
If you happen to have won a previous giveaway, you're still eligible to win so don't hesitate to enter.
1) You must be a follower of Down and Out Chic to giveaways are for readers!
2) Drop by Kathy's shop and tell me what you like. What's your take on recycled jewelry?
3) Leave a comment here. So easy.
I'll be drawing a random winner on Tuesday, May 5th at 6 pm-ish. Good luck!


PS~Erin said...

Those bracelets are so cool! I've never seen anything like them. That's what I love about recycled jewelry... That they are all so unique.

Swetha said...

The orange bracelets are pretty awesome!!!..

Jill GG said...

These are SO cool... I just love the "lemon drop" bracelet! I'm so into yellow this spring!

Carly said...

your posts just keep getting better!
large Eco Flower Ring with elastic bandit's bold and super cute for spring/summer.

love the recycled jewelry! it's a great way to be eco-friendly but also hip and trendy.

Rachel said...

I adore these!! I think I shall purchase the earrings in purple too! I really love the transparent green bracelit!
I have seen more pieces made out of plastic bottles and even one guy (wish I could remember where I saw it) to make ball caps re-using coke cans and such!

Aline said...

These are lovely...I just added her shop to my fav's! That flower ring is too fun!

deepsouthrunner said...

I really like the Large Recycled Plastic Tissue Paper Hoop Earrings Lime Green - so cute and perfect for summer!


Blair Friedeman said...

Love recycled anything and love that her pieces don't 'look' recycled.

Julia said...

I love the idea of beautiful recycled jewelry, there's a lot out there that is not :) THESE ARE! I love her 2 liter bracelet!

Elaine Prunty said...

i like the 2ltre soda bottle bracelet, ingenius,
i love it when something discarded gets a new life ...

The Giveaway Diva said...

i am a follower!! and i love her 2 liter bracelet so prety!

umama said...

I am torn between the vintage text earrings in black, or the magazine envelopes! Both equally cute, (but as an English teacher I'm leaning toward the text earrings!)

inkWELL Press said...

What amazing jewelry she has... and I'm loving all your giveaways. Can I win them all? Please?

I love the yellow lemondrop bracelet and that red one you are giving away!

♥ LLL with Leslie ♥ said...

I follow your blog :)
I like the I H e a r t Y o u T o o ... recycled plastic and soda can heart earrings w handmade sterling silver filled ear wire :)



Wally said...

Wow, it´s amazing what she can do with recycle materials. The flower rings on her shop are lovely, and of course (being a Coca Cola addict)I love the Coca Cola bracelet.

UU said...

love the earings! the other i went to the creamery shop and they were selling t-shirts made with recycled coca cola cans! i touched the t-shirts, and they are soft!!

Anonymous said...

I love the red bracelet from the giveaway and the Abstract Art Recycled Plastic Ring in Green and the 2-Liter bracelet. All of her stuff is so cool! Thanks!

Lesley said...

I've known you the longest. Pick me;)

International marble said...

I've never seen anything like them

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