Friday, April 24, 2009

Giveaway: Friday's fabulous filigree frame!

I first ran across Totally Julia Rad's shop on Apartment Therapy, and seriously, about 3 clicks and 5 minutes later I had made a purchase. The pieces are snippets of vintage children's books framed by small, brightly colored frames. They're perfect for the art wall that needs a pop of color, an office space that needs some excitement, a bathroom, a children's room, etc. etc. (I could go on and on.) I purchased this set of purple frames for my (slowly) growing art wall...
I love the contrasting, bright, pops of color and their small size makes them easy to place. The creator of these little beauties has graciously agreed to give away one framed piece to a lucky winner (you get to choose!)
Here are some of my other favorites...
This little owl makes me smile (big).
tiny blue oval frame $6
Perhaps you're looking for that perfect pop of pink?
pretty hot pink filigree frame $10
This pup kind of looks like my Bella (sans the bird).
fancy blue frame $12
I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any cuter than this. This would be perfect to lighten up a serious space.
cute green flowered $12
And, of course, any children's story would be incomplete without the grumpy mom (look at her face!)
pretty orange filigree frame $15
Alright, here are the rules for entry (I know, blah, blah, blah).
1) You must be a follower of Down and Out Chic to enter (why? b/c I like to see your pretty faces over there and it makes me happy, that's why!)
2) Leave a comment here and tell me what you think about lovely Julia's shop.
3) Answer this question... What was your favorite children's book growing up?
I'll go first with the my answer: Charlotte's Web, hand's down. I still have the copy I used to read and it's always a good reminder of what true friendship looks like.
This giveaway will end on Tuesday, April 28th at 6 pm. I will announce the winner shortly thereafter. Winner will be chosen at random so good luck and I can't wait to hear your answers!


Megan said...

I can definitely see why you purchased so quickly! I love her shop! I was going to tell you my favorite item, but I'm having trouble picking. I like the two pretty birds, funny little box, and the cute green flowered frame.
I have to admit I'm a huge Dr. Seuss fan, especially "Oh, the places you'll go" I still have a copy!
Thanks! vancy31[at]gmail[dot]com
Oh and yes, I'm a follower :)

heisschic said...

great find! her shop is adorable... i love the heart shaped frame, but i think the "happy box" is my favorite. you can't help but to smile when you look at it!

my favorite book as a child (and one of my favorites now) was Baby by Patricia MacLachlan. It's a cute book, an easy read, but will touch you if you let it.

Erin said...

Adorable and chic! I love the bright colors.

My favorite Children's book was, "Go dogs Go" and "A Simple Piece". :-)

Erin said...

I meant "The Missing Piece"! Oh man

bananas. said...

you always find the cutest things at the most affordable prices. how DO you DO it? ;) i seriously think i love them all! the blue oval frame with the owl is adorable. the hot pink filigree frame is to die for! the white vintage owl figure is so cool. and the big classy purple mirror is mine! i'm totally drooling here.

as for my fav children's book..."love you forever" by robert munsch. i read this book a million times over the years. it's a sentimental story about a mother and her son. it promises to touch your heart.

paula said...

these are fabulous. Love all the color. I especially love that little owl. When I was old enough to read I became obsessed with the saddle club series, ha! My children now love the classic Curious George stories.

Beth Cyr said...

I love the mirrors, but the frog takes the cake for me! kinda trippy, but really cool!

my favorite kids book... hmm... i rarely went a day w/o a book in my hand. when i was really little and just learning to read there was a book called "eat your peas louise" and i was obsessed with it!! a little bit older... any roald dahl book (by the way, you should go to that website!) particularly matilda and the BFG.

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

I love the owl. I'm kinda obsessed with them..owls and elephants. any kinda weird animal that's not conventionally beautiful.

Princess Nyaisha and the Snake, I think that was the name. My parents were very afrocentric. The book was a lovely tale about a princess who treated her servant badly in Africa until the servant meets a magical garden snake that turns her into a princess. :)

Ginger said...

Adorable! I love the combination of the bright frames and the illustrations inside; I love the fancy purple oval frame especially, with the tree and the cat inside;) My favorite children's book: it's a toss-up between the Giving Tree and the Velveteen Rabbit, both of which I still love.

Christy said...

I cannot handle the cuteness that is the owl with teal frame!!

Anonymous said...

Those frames are great! For a bureau or a wall collage, I love them!


Kellie said...

These are great! I'm already a follower (duh!) :)

My favorite children's book: any of the Curious George books. I love little monkeys! ;)

Julia said...

You've found a gem of a shop :) I love her pairings with those great frames and the bright colors of the frames! :)

My favorite children's book is probably Blueberry's for Sal!

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN frames... LOVE them!
ENJOY your weekend!

###### said...

James and the giant peach! I lllloooovved that book. My Mother did not read to me as a child so school was my outlet in reading. When I read that book thats when I started the visualization process in my head..I thought I was on the ride with him.

I love those frames..I love the vintage look..Different from what I have been seeing. And love the colors.

Unknown said...

oooh so fab!

PS~Erin said...

Love the bright, vintage-y frames she's choosing to go with those fun images! Very cool idea!

My favorite book was Bridge To Terabithia. Loved Charlotte's Web too... Abt to start reading that to my daughter. Such a good one!

Waxy said...

I'm a follower and I love her shop - just bought the Teal Deer from her yesterday! Fave book growing up - hmmm I do remember reading all the Babysitters Club books...haha - I'm old I guess... :-(

Candi said...

They're so pretty. I really love the frames, they're just gorgeous!

Blair Friedeman said...

What a great giveaway christina! Those frames are beautiful--I love all the colors and shapes that she uses! Favorite childhood book is definitly good night moon!

erin said...

such a good idea. i love the colors of the frames!

Aline said...

These are amazing...thank you for introducing me to her shop!! (new fav for sure) My favorite childhood book is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Daynes said...

Those are adorable! Plus, I love children's lit. Eloise is the quintessential book for chic young ladies. Who doesn't want to live in the Plaza? Thanks Christina!

Rachel said...

Heavenly frames!! I was just thinking last night that I wanted a very fun frame to go in my bright dining room. I especially love the bright pink(with the two girls dancing) and blue ones right now.

My all time favorite book was Sam, I am. I loved reading the quirky, funny rhymes to my little sister. She thought I was too funny!!

inkWELL Press said...

I love the orange frame with the grumpy mom.. too funny. I like how's she's just taken little snippets from the image so there's some left to the imagination.

My favorite book as a child was 21 Balloons... it's still one of my favorites today.

Swetha said...

so cute.. i loved all the pieces.. esp the cute green flowered and the owl... lovely !!

deepsouthrunner said...

Well, considering I am pretty obsessed with picture frames, I think her shop is awesome! I love the various colors, shapes and pictures used with the frames. I also like the mirrors and the little box offered on her shop.


deepsouthrunner said...

My favorite books as a kid were the Superfudge books by Judy Blume, as well as BabySitter's Club! I had dozens of that series! I even wrote the author a fan letter and she wrote back :)


Marilyn said...

These frames are so much fun! I really love the blue deer and owl statue-things; as for frames, I loved the fancy blue, fancy green, and tiny blue oval.

While I likewise adored Charlotte's Web and James and the Giant Peach, I tore through the Babysitter's Club books like nobody's business. And I have never read Judy Blume. Oops.

Callie Grayson said...

sweet little shop! and I love the colourful frames.
Where the Wild Things Are.

I too still have my Charlotte's Web book

Johanna said...

oh i love her shop! the little owls are my favorite i think...favorite children's book was definitely Where the Wild Things Are. So classic.

denise said...

cutest shop! I think I fell in love with the owl in the blue frame. so adorable.

My favorite children's book has got to be James and the Giant Peach. I still have it, of course. Love the characters.

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog

My favorite is the pretty orange filigree frame as I remember what book the picture is from. I believe my kids have that book somewhere in there room.

My favorite book was each peach pear plum

Celeste said...

I follow you!

I think her shop is amazing! Love it. - very unique & chic :)

My favorite book was "Come Over To My House" - I had my mom read it to me everyday! (I framed the book actually; opened it up to a colorful page and pinned it to a piece of cardboard covered in fabric & put that in a frame - it looks really cool!)

contact me at:

AngelFabs said...

I love all the color!

AngelFabs said...

My favorite book growing up was "The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe"

Lauren said...

Oh, cute! I love things that have that old, ornate feel but with a modern twist- bright colors, thicker line weights, etc. Plus children's illustration is such an overlooked art. I could (and have) spent hours leafing through children's books. Great store! Consider me entered!
Oh, and my favorite book growing up was probably Linnea in Monet's Garden. How can you beat Monet for kids? I also loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and this one that I can't think of the title for, about the three little pigs, but from the Wolf's perspective. Anyone remember what it was called? It had a great collage illustration style.

Claire Kiefer said...

Sooooo cute! I love your blog (I read it every day!), I love Julia's things . . . especially the green one that you've showcased, or the little blue frame with the owl in it. Thank you so much for honoring such amazing designers, conscious people, etc. on your blog--these are things the world needs to know about!

So many favorite books as a kid, including but not limited to: The Secret Garden, Ramona Quimy Age 8 (and all the Ramona books), and the entire Babysitters' Club series . . . my mom says I memorized a book called Emily's First Day of School when I was two, but of course I don't remember that. ;)


Peggy said...

I'm a new follower! I love the colorful frames, so unique.

One of my favorite books was Corduroy by Don Freedom

throuthehaze said...

(Im a new follower) i absolutely love the bright partial to the blue framed owl :) my fave books were The Monster at the End of this Book...and The Pokey Little Puppy

Jen Pecorella said...

Love love love the bright yet bold colors!

My favorite book was the BFG by Roald Dahl. I loved how he made up words like "Whizzpopper"!

xo Jen

Christy said...

I. Love. These. My favorite is, of course, the owl in the blue frame! What a great idea, I love vintage children books, and would LOVE to have all of these!

My favorite book growing up was The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. I use to get my mom to make me a cup of tea, I would sit and read and fantasize about being British. (I still do this.) heehee.

me melodia said...

The missing piece.
Love Shell so much!

Great work and styling.
That lil owl frame is killing me.

Cute blog!

UU said...

i can't believe i missed it again!!! heartbroken...~~~

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