Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog Rolllllllllll

I'm trying to update my blog roll, which I do as often as I can. If you have Down and Out Chic linked to your blog and you do not see your blog under my 'stylish blogs' or 'must reads' please let me know! I don't like to be stingy with my links, but I do prefer blogs that are style related.
(I know this goes w/out saying, but I do have the right to NOT post your link if I don't want to, well, because it's my blog).
Thank you, thank you for reading. I'm still new at this so please feel free to leave me suggestions or comments. You all are awesome.


kuhkjhkh said...

GoD! I can't believe I'm not on there!!

LOL JUST KIDDING! Totally just kidding! My blog is in no way related to style at all! lol

Christina said...

ruggy- i love your blog!!! you're under "must reads".

kuhkjhkh said...

omg now I feel bad! I was just kidding! but I love your blog too!

Michelle Marie said...

Thank you so much for the sweet compliment on my petite baking blog! I hope you find a delicious recipe on there to try sometime:)

I am in love with the style of your blog and especially your "Think Pink Under $60" post. How did you know it's my favourite colour!! Definitely adding you to favourites.

Dimitrova said...

Thanks for having my blog on there too! Although it is still very very new, I hope that soon it will expand and become more interesting and exciting. I will definitely add you to my toll when i figure out how to do that:)

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