Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tag, you're it!

I mentioned on Friday that I've picked up a third job. This means no day off during the week; however, before you start feeling sorry for me, understand that I used to be a state social worker (investigating child abuse) so never having a day off is a relief from what I used to do. Regardless, I just got home from my cafe shift (Saturdays I work at a vintage clothing store, and during the week it's grants administration at the University) and I am pooped. Part of the reason I'm so physically sore is b/c today on my way to heating up a quiche, I busted my butt on some water in the kitchen I didn't see. My feet just about flew over my head, the quiche skidded across the floor, and I landed on my side w/out breaking my fall b/c I wanted to help the stupid quiche. Owwwwww. Now for the point of my post.
Blair, from Delight By Design, tagged me in a sort of blogger "challenge" I was asked to pick a (most of you probably know Blair, but if you don't check out her blog; I promise you won't be disappointed) photo that epitomizes or describes my style. In case you think this is an easy task, think again friends. Not easy.
I suppose if I had a freakin' camera that worked I would have taken pictures of my own decor, but since that's not possible, I decided upon a photo that I feel like embodies my sense of style, or at least what I think I portray (what you think you portray and what others are seeing are not always one in the same!)
source: Domino via {flickr}
Here's why I chose this photo:
Artistic, old world glamour meets graphic, modern details. There's a sense of personality in this room; I visualize the owner being a creative reader or someone who likes to surround themselves with items of sentimental value. The room doesn't take itself too seriously as reflected in the playful wall color and cheeky sculpture. Although there is a sense of purposeful design, there's also a feel that the room is truly lived in. As with my personal sense of style, the room isn't strictly modern or strictly vintage, but rather a mix of the two. Whew, that was tricky. To keep this game alive I'd like to pick a few people to play along:
Lesley from Homemade Grits
Tanya from Captivate Me
Callie from A Different Shade of Grey
Karen from Blog Goggles
Rachel from Dwellings and Decor
Ladies, if you've already been chosen, don't worry about it, but pass on the love. I don't want to be the only one frustrated with finding the "perfect" picture (does that exist?). If you want to play, join in the fun!


Rachel Follett said...

Thanks for the tag! This is going to be really hard for me because I like so many different styles!

from the right bank said...

Thanks for taking part in my crazy challenge and for letting me know! I'm loving seeing what everyone comes up with. This room is great - as you say, it really feels lived in and has a fun quality about it but it's also very stylish at the same time. Thanks again for playing.

Anonymous said...

Love the style going on here!! So fabulous!

Sorry you fell. That sucks. I am starting an organization against ice and water puddles. It is wrong!

Callie Grayson said...

thanks for the tag!! i will post this week:)
i hope your soreness goes away quickly, hot bath and lots of icy hot before bed!!!

Callie Grayson said...

oh, and a small glass of wine during the bath helps too!

paula said...

Great pic! Love it.

Blair Friedeman said...

Wow, you are a busy little bee! I don't know how you do all that and still have time to come up with such lovely blog posts. I love the room you picked--thank you for playing along:)

tanya said...

awesome! I love tags :-) Can't wait to get to it this week--hope you're having a great Monday!!

BookWormz said...

Wow - I love this picture you chose - beautiful taste! :)

Lauren said...

love this room!!! super-stylish!!

Christina said...

oh no, domino's website is gone!!! ahh, i didn't save a back up photo. this stinks

Anonymous said...

suzanne kassler is a phenomenal designer!!!

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