Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Suicidal Dog

My dog just jumped off the roof. Yup, I have a suicidal dog. I think sometimes I give my dogs the benefit of the doubt and assume they won't do things like....oh I don't know, JUMP OFF THE ROOF!?! Luckily, she's not hurt. I happened to be on the roof at the time in my rocking chair (that's located on the roof) while talking to a friend on the phone. I screamed...like a little girl. The only other time I can remember screaming like that was years ago, my first year of school and I was being chased by a crazy man. Don't worry, I wasn't hurt, I was way to fast for him. So that brings me to the point of this post. Now that B and I are having to be a bit more transient with the pups, I've been looking for things to make going places w/them easier. I bought the Earthdoggy products I had previously posted and I love them. Now we're in need of transportable water bowls, which will be especially important before summer. Here's what I've come up with:
The cool thing about the Slurpabowl is that it can tie onto your dog's leash which means one less thing you have to carry. They're only good for a few uses and then you recycle them.
Slurpabowls on sale $4.99 each
source: The Container Store
This can fit into your wallett!
Acqua Bol $5
source: Ginger Pup Lane
Port-O-Bowl Travel Bowl $12 (also available in gray)
source: Trixie + Peanut
And in case you thought dog bowls were boring, it's an origami bowl. You know how I love origami!
Vengo Anch'io Origami Pet Travel Bowls $10 for a set of 10
source: Zwello
If Bella keeps trying to kill herself, I may be doing a post on pet antidepressants.


Callie Grayson said...

glad to hear bella is okay!
great idea's for water bowls. I taught my dog to drink from her own water bottle.

PS~Erin said...

Oh dear. I think my dogs have made me scream like that in the past... Like the time my 9 lb mini schnauzer tried to attack a German Shepard. (Good thing the German Shepard cowered!) So glad your pup is okay!

Farnnay said...

how did ur dog get on the roof? lol
but im glad shes ok :D

Blair Friedeman said...

Oh, no! Well i am glad that bella is ok--my dogs have suicidal antics sometimes too-like insisting one taunting moose. I love that the first water dish snaps to the leash. I always need one when I take my pups mountain biking and they will snap on to my pack strap perfectly!

flynn said...

Ha! The cats are too short to give that a go. They did however get out and onto the highest peak of that roof right before a job interview I had. Let's just say hilarity did not ensue.

Glad your crazy dog is okay.

Simply Me said...

speaking of pet anti depressants. Our siberian Husky Kylie Mae is on Prozac.... yeah dont I feel like Puppy Mother of the year!! :(

kadler said...

Oh, poor thing! I'm glad she's ok.

Unknown said...

those dog bowls are too cute - it's nice to know something portable and disposable exists!

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