Thursday, March 12, 2009

Matchy matchy

Have you ever been to a dinner party where the chairs around the dining table were mismatched? Sometimes there's no choice but to have mismatched chairs and sometimes it's intentional. Here are some examples of dining areas with mismatched chairs that I find especially charming.
I don't know how different chairs can get than those below. They're all so different yet they really work together and the red chairs make the space a little less shabby chic.
source: Apartment Therapy
The chairs add a funky element to this stark white room.
Modern chairs and retro wallpaper...
I wonder who gets to sit on the comfy chair at the end of the table? Love the color scheme of this room.
From ordinary chairs to extraordinary pieces, this space is uber modern but I get a sense that the owner doesn't take himself/herself too seriously (I mean look at that dessert!)
Same chair with different patterns and colors.
source: LivingEtc
I think the key here is to have the seating not look sloppy. Find one element that you want to be the cohesive force and stick to it (color, pattern, shape, style). I love this look and find that it adds great visual interest and works especially well with a simple, streamlined table. What do you think? Do you prefer matching chairs?


Blair Friedeman said...

I personally prefer matching chairs but I do love when the mismatched chairs are either the same color or somewhat similar styles. I love the second example!

UU said...

i still have difficulties with these mismatches, maybe that's why i'm lacking creativity!

Rachel Follett said...

I love this look!

Courtney said...

Although in many cases I love "matchy matchy," in this case I have recently become a huge fan of mis-matched chairs that slightly resemble eachother. I'm trying to convince the man to browse antique stores and garage sales for various vintage chairs... we'll see how this works.

I like the idea of having the same chair covered with various patterned fabrics.

Amy said...

mismatched chairs rock!
thanks for the ideas!


I rotate chairs often. Dining to desk, and back again. My Grandmother's sweet but tiny dining chairs are snapping like twigs, from the weight and leaning back by this generation of casual diners gracing my table. I seem to inherit various chairs from a variety of friends, and then I lend them out to other friends as a "chair swap" program. None of us get bored.

Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...

oh my goshhh, looooove the room with the purple wall!

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