Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If I get wet, I will melt

There are some thing in this life that we use over and over again. I guess you could say, we need them, or at least they make things a bit more convenient. Case in point- the umbrella. Sometimes it's fun to dance and sing in the rain (people do that, right?) and other times, getting wet isn't an option. I've always ended up buying cheap umbrellas and then losing them. I wonder if I lose them b/c I'm just not attached? Well, if I got one of these umbrellas, I don't think I'd lose it b/c it would probably be the cutest part of my outfit! Each of the umbrellas below are $39 a piece and each style comes in different colors.
Garden Umbrella
Bold Borders Umbrella
The Spring Umbrella
Lots of dots umbrellasource: Umbrellas {via Love it A lot}
Better get ready for those spring showers!


Blair Friedeman said...

I have my eye on a tory burch one. I have always bough the small little collapsible black ones at a random convenience store ( usually in the middle of a down pour) and of course always loos them. I think you are right about the attachment--I would surely never mispace any of these!

Anonymous said...

I love these umbrellas and what a great price! I am going to check this site out!!!

I dance all the time:)

Rebecca said...

i love the middle two, but dont curse the summer haha, i cnt wait for sunshine xxx

Callie Grayson said...


Rachel Follett said...

So cute! Love the third one!

Courtney said...

Never would I lose one of these! How glamorous. I think I might have to buy one. Sigh. The top on is adorable!

PS: Dancing in the rain does happen. I'm on board with you on that one!

Linda Lu said...

$39 for an umbrella is way out of my umbrella budget, but I adore the first two.

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