Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ghosts are furniture too

When I first ran across the "ghost" chair, some time ago, my initial thought was "well that's kind of silly." I tend to shirk away from spaces that are extremely modern b/c although they may be aesthetically pleasing, I prefer a warmer, more comfortable space. The ghost chair seemed to fit perfectly into the category of uber modern, too clean for me, kind of look; however, I've unwittingly become increasingly fond of this trendy piece. If I could find a chair that I could afford, I think I would seriously consider purchasing one. Here are some I like, but unfortunately they're all out of my price range.
Louis Ghost Chair by Phhilippe Starck $410 (yikes!)
source: Zwello
Ghost Side Chair $199 (0n sale, but still yikes!)
source: Mod Lines by Design
La Marie Chair $319
source: Ylighting
I like the juxtaposition of acrylic and steel in this chair.
Eiffel Clear Acrylic Ghost Side Chair $139.99
source: Emmanuel Georges
A ghost dining table.
source: {We love Domino}
So what do you think about the ghost chair, take it or leave it? Does anyone know of affordable options?


BookWormz said...

I love them! My S.I.L. has a set of lucite bar stools and a couple of side tables - they look so amazing. And she warms up the rest of the place with big, plush furniture, chocolate browns, and that sort of thing. Of course, my M.I.L. is an interior designer, so that doesn't hurt things... :)

Dallas Shaw said...

I like it, but just a single one mixed with a very un-modern pillow. I really like to mix old and new


Courtney said...

I like these chairs. Dallas, your idea is great.

They look stunning for wedding receptions: very fairytale.

kadler said...

I think they're cute now but will look horribly dated in a few years. However, I've never minded looking horribly dated.

No idea about affordable ones! Maybe check Overstock?

Anonymous said...

Love the ghost chair--but sitting in it is's a little wobbly.

But I'm the last one to choose comfort over fashion! I recently saw a set of four authentic starck ghosts at a shop that was going out of business--they were selling the whole set for half price! it killed me not to be able to take them home...

Jill GG said...

LOVE the ghost chair look... unfortunately I know of no cheaper option - bummer! I would love to make them mine... maybe it will just have to be one at a time!

Unknown said...

Love these chairs! I want one so bad- I just wish they were a little cheaper! Daisy~

Deidra said...

Overstock has a more affordable option, but it seems to be always out of stock.

Bromeliad said...

Love the Ghost chair.

If you like Lucite, check out the Tobias chair at Ikea ($99).

Or the Vapor chair at cb2 ($179).

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