Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wedge alert

Shoe trend this spring: Wedges. Although they aren't my favorite type of shoe, I do find them more comfortable and, therefore, a good shoe for work or long nights out (not that I know what that is anymore since I go to bed way too early). Wedges can be tricky because they can sometimes look juvenile, comparable to a training heel until one is ready for a more grown up stiletto. This reminds me of a particular incident that occurred last year when I wish I was wearing a pair of wedges and not my normal stilettos. I was on my way to interview a child at an elementary school along w/a friend (my intern at the time). We arrived during a fire drill, a FIRE DRILL where all the children were outside. My heel got stuck in my trouser cuff and I proceeded to smack, knees and then torso, into the concrete. Did I mention this happened during a fire drill? Anyway, I digress.
I took a peek around and found a few styles I'm really liking for the spring. I'm particularly attracted to the retro feel of some of these shoes:
Seychelles Women's Lip Gloss Wedge $41.77 (on sale)
source: Endless

This is a serious shoe, but the neutral color makes it very wearable.
"Eman" $89

source: Nine West

The pattern on the heel makes this shoe more interesting:
Pink Studio "Fern"
source: Piperlime

A playful, inexpensive shoe that will carry you through the summer:
"Sassy Espadrille" $24.99
source: Payless

An itty, bitty heel for the less adventurous:
Naturalizer "Rivet" $75
source: naturalizer

A sling back w/a peep toe = very retro
Wicker Park Slingbacks $84.99
source: Modcloth

An last, but not least, an everyday shoe:
Star Sandal $22.99

source: Payless
Alright, so there are lots of inexpensive options. Get to it!


Blair Friedeman said...

I have never really been a fan of wedges but I love these and love that I could actually afford them:)

kadler said...

I love the wicker park ones! They look tweedy. So cute.

Beth Cyr said...

Oh I am a big fan of the wedge, maybe b/c I need the training heels! ha ha! I just can't do a heel, I'm not in to suffering for any reason, fashion or otherwise.

Christina said...

beth, you make me laugh. training wheels aren't bad (i could use some for the bike i never ride).

Anonymously Chic's Sis said...

good pick sis. They look comfortable too. I'll have to find some.

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