Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I want your head on my wall

I love this bedroom, but what I especially love about this room are those two wooden deer heads. Don't get me wrong, I don't want REAL deer heads over my bed, I want fake deer heads and these are the neatest I've found (well I only have the photo, I don't know where they came from). Regardless, they're wooden and they're awesome and I want them...on my wall.

source: Livingetc
Does anyone have suggestions on where I can find similar pieces?


One.Young.Professional said...

I have penis envy waaay more than I would like to admit.... I think you should do old school and make your own deer head out of paper mache. Definitely a great conversation piece if you ever need one.. in your bed

Christina said...

paper mache...good idea. if only i felt more crafty than i do. (i'm feeling lazy).

Christina said...

ok, so i had a friend point me in the right direction and these bad boys are roughly $500 a piece. eeek.

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