Monday, February 2, 2009


I took my GRE this morning and I hated every minute, but I did well, and it's over, and now I'm having a big glass of wine. Yea for small victories! Sooo...origami. I really didn't know much about it until I met B and on our first date he presented me w/a beautiful origami tulip (his looked better than this photo):


After that, I thought learning the art of origami might be just what I needed to center and relax my often restless spirit (I mean, it's better than watching endless episodes of CSI). So I bought the "Fashion Origami Set" b/c what's better than a paper dress?

I bought this at a local store but it can be found here.
Let me preface this experience by saying, I'm kind of like a four year at Christmas. I have the attention span of a gnat and tire easily with activities. Needless to say, I made a few shirts and ties (very cute) and even a suit (which I thought I'd have an aneurysm over), and then gave the whole project up b/c I'm less than dedicated. I guess, in my mind, I thought I'd be making little origami outfits that would eventually be modeled by little origami people. But no, it was a disappointment.

B, however, is the epitome of dedication. Recently, his best friend got engaged and asked B to be his best man. B decided that for his wedding gift, he would grace the couple with 1,000 origami cranes. Cranes are rich in symbolic history, but for the wedding day are supposed to bring good luck in times of great transition. 1,000 cranes is A LOT (as you might be thinking to yourself) and usually they're displayed something like this:


I prefer the look of a presentation that's a bit more modern:

source: Artful Paper
Regardless, I think B's idea is amazing and would be incredibly happy to receive such a thoughtful gift (he's working on his tiny cranes as I type). He bought genuine Japanese paper from Origami Corner which offers an array of beautiful paper in different sizes. He chose Washi Chiyogami:

$2.39/per pack (and he's gonna need a lot of packs for 1,000!)

Well, I'm off to homemade tomato soup and grill cheese b/c on a night like this, we are in need of some serious comfort food.


Corie said...

YES! I want to see those! Love it.

And it sounds like Oragami stressed you out more than it centered you.

Christina said...

things that are supposed to relax me have a tendency to stress me out. i can thank my high strung nature for that.

Dimitrova said...

My husband made 100 cranes one time. The house was a mess, to say the least... they were beautiful!

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