Thursday, February 12, 2009

Make new friends but keep the old...

Old Navy...oh, we've been through a lot you and me. Times I loved you for your inexpensive finds (i.e. the green vintage style coat I bought this winter that I looooove), and times I would walk away from your disorganization and picked over racks, sorely disappointed. But, alas, you've never failed to be a good friend, especially in times of need. So for this reason, I'd like to give credit where credit's due:
I love this color and I bet these shoes are deceivingly comfortable.
Ankle Strap Platforms $29.50 (sale)
Books, clothes, toiletries? I can never have too many totes.
Printed Canvas Tote $10

Scarves are one my favorite accessories, so I need a lightweight one to help ease into warmer weather. This citron color just begs for spring.
Lightweight scarf $12.50

A relaxed, easy to wear shirt:
Picot-Trim Pintuck Top $26.50

What I can step into after a long day of work:
Lounge Capris $14.50
source: Old Navy
So in conclusion, Old Navy, I hope we don't have to have another DTR anytime soon because I can't handle you pulling on my heart strings like this. Relationships have taught me that fickleness is not an attractive quality, so for your sake (and mine), I hope you've found some stability. My wallet thanks you.


kadler said...

I love Old Navy. Some of my favorite pieces of clothing (pajama-style dress, yoga pants, silk tank top) are from there. It seems like their design is more fun and modern than Gap.

I'm also craving that scarf in about thirteen colors right now.

Christina said...

i agree. that scarf is a must (and i won't even start on how much i love yoga pants, although i lounge more than work out in them!)

Callie Grayson said...

oh, i think i need those very hot shoes for this spring!!!

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