Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bedside table chair...yes table chair

A decent bedside table is essential (where else would I put my glasses at night?) I'm trying to think of affordable options for the new house. We currently have two Ikea tables which will work for now, but they're not really ideal, in fact, they're not ideal at all. This is an idea I haven't thought about: Chairs serving as bedside tables. I also hadn't thought about how mismatched tables would look.
Please note that fantastic mirror and the fact that the mantle is being used as a headboard.

I'm interested in the decision to turn the books under the mantle around so the spines aren't seen. A color choice, perhaps?
The mismatched tables really work here, but perhaps it's because there's so much to look at, your eye isn't drawn to it automatically.source (above three): Apartment Therapy
So what do you think? Could you live w/out drawers beside your bed?


Blair Friedeman said...

Even when I have drawers I always end up putting things on the top of my bedside table--so I think a chair may actually be better for me. What a great idea.

Courtney said...

This is hilarious. I have had a bedside chair table for years! I didn't intentionally put it there, it kind of just stuck. I love it b/c I've tied things onto it, thrown things over it, stacked things on top and underneath it. It's great.

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