Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is bigger always better?

So I worked today at Dynamite, a local vintage/recycled/new clothing store. I work here every Saturday for a little extra dough, and b/c really, what else do I have to do w/my time? Recently we started selling vintage eye wear (i.e. frames w/out the lenses). Some of the eye wear is colorful, some are dull, all are ginormous, but mostly they have a retro feel and are meant to be fun. Well, I've been scouting around for a pair and I haven't found anything that doesn't swallow my face whole or scream "my grandma gave these to me b/c she thought they were too ugly to wear herself." So why, might you be asking yourself, am I still looking? Well, I like the look on other people and I think the glasses convey a "hey, I'm quirky and don't take myself too seriously" kind of feel. Besides, every spring the pollen reeks havoc on my eyes, sinuses, and lungs and I can't wear my normal contacts. I like getting a new pair so I'm excited about wearing glasses the whole season.
I thought I was close to finding a pair the other week but I needed that extra boost of confidence from a friend. I asked my friend (we'll call her C) if she liked the glasses and she responded w/out a pause, "No, I hate them. I don't know why pretty girls insist on wearing ugly glasses." Well, ouch. Needless to say, I didn't buy them and I'm glad I didn't b/c they weren't the "one." C got me to thinking, why is it that cute girls (and let's just be honest, you don't see unattractive women wearing horribly unattractive frames) are all of a sudden wearing gigantic, child molester-ish eye wear? But then I see a picture like this and I think, "that's the inspiration I need." I mean, look at this girl; she is not only pulling off amazingly big, red hair, she also has the glasses I'm looking for:

source: The Sartolrialist

Here are some that are a bit more basic:

source: American Apparel $50

The following are from Franny's Frames in NYC. They offer frames from every "vintage" decade. My male friend K (and he always wears cool frames) gave me a head's up on this site:

1960's "Millape"

1970's "Pathway Neon" $50 (whoa that's a lot of color!)

1980's Christian LaCroix $125

B really likes these for him (even though he already own a pair that look strikingly similar):

1960's "Veteran" by Vanity Optical

K also told me about this website which claims to "faithfully reproduce" the designs from their original era.

"Miltzen" in Crystal $179

"Hyman" Tortoise $179

So I guess the question remains, is bigger always better? Should I opt for some funner, louder frames, or should I stick w/the trusted shapes I've already invested in?


Corie said...

I dont mind if you use my whole name. I know it was bitchy. Sorry! BUT I'm not gonna lie to you! I COULD have been nicer about it, though. At least now you know not to ask me about it!

Although I'll be glad to give you a scaled rating of how much I hate them. 10 being: don't you dare and 1 being: I still hate them. but I'll still be able to look at you :) You need to find some smaller ones. you're all small soft features, especially now that your hair is shorter.

And hah! on those frames b likes. cause... they're... the SAME as the ones he has. Keith has done the same thing. He's like... "oooh what about these, or these?! (to add to his collection of 18 pairs)" and they're EXACTLY like pairs he already has. Oh those boys.

keith p. rein said...

we boys. are. awe.some. period. my name is 'k', or keith. when you have to wear frames everyday of your life, you like to collect them. i'm looking at something w/ more color for the occasional wear, since most of my frames have a similar tone or feel... franny's has some great stuff. i like the coral ones you did not post. bitch.

michelle said...

that ginger looks ridiculous in those glasses. and i tend to agree with corie.

Christina said...

can we make your hair look like that, prrrettty please?

michelle said...

if big, frizzy hair worked in real life, i would be the most fabulous girl in town. but it doesn't.

Liveoutloud said...

It's fabulous fanny's in NYC. They actually have the best selection of vintage frames at the best prices I've ever seen.

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