Thursday, July 21, 2011

Analogue Life by Here Comes the Sun

taken with the LC-A+
Taken with the Holga 135BC
Taken with the Diana Mini
Hello everyone, my name is Amanda and I write a blog called Here Comes the Sun and I'm so delighted to be guest posting here! I thought I would begin today with a few of my favourite Lomography snaps I've taken over the last year.

I am a big collector of film cameras and love nothing more than heading out with my husband to take pictures of our adventures. The above shots are some of my favourite images we have captured on film and I love how each camera produces such a different look! I love them all but I have to say the LC-A+ camera is my favourite. If you like you can check out a more detailed post on my blog HERE with why I think it's so amazing.
Thanks for having me here! I'll be back next week with one more post :)

Amanda Thomas
Guest Blogger
Here Comes the Sun


Karena said...

Amanda I love the balloon shot, all are wonderful of course!

Art by Karena

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Claire Marie said...

Beautiful, beautiful images Amanda :) You're such a talented photographer!

Claire x

MissBliss said...

beautiful work! xo xo

genevieve said...

Gorgeous photos Amanda, love your work! The shot of the balloons is quite amazing.

Karlene said...

What beautiful photography. It's on my to-do list to do a course. We have a hot air ballon festival here in New Zealand too :-)


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