Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Post: Pugly Pixel

Hi, my name is Katrina and I blog at Pugly Pixel. Christina asked me to write a post while she's moving and I'm happy to contribute. 

I only have 4 things on my wish list. I have 3 attainable items and I have one that is beyond my budget -- but it doesn't hurt to wish, right? ;)

Things I really want but don't need:

1. The Brooklyn Camera Satchel by Ona
2. Western Bow Tie by Kissy Face
3. Mint Clover Planner from Poketo
4. Small Italian Paper Clips from Paper Pastries

What's on your wish list?
I've asked some of my favorite bloggers to help me out around here while I pack and get ready for the move. I'll be popping in over the next week to check in and I hope you enjoy the awesome group of bloggers that will be keeping things up and running while I'm gone. I definitely suggest adding them to you reader if they aren't there already, starting with Pugly Pixel. xoxo


Anonymous said...

thanks for having me, Christina. ♥

Rhianne said...

I love that bag!! and Katrina :)

Gina said...

Love the mint clover planner - so cute! I recently found your Pugly Pixel blog and love it. You make design, which I normally find to be intimidating so approachable :).

Anna of IHOD said...

Fun to see you over here Katrina! These finds are fantastic! NEed to take a closer look!

Anonymous said...

thanks, ladies! :D

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

Katrina, i'm so glad you posted about this guest feature. the camera satchel is d-vine! and omg, little bowed dickey is too cute for words. what style you have!

and Christina, sure hope the move went smoothly. gosh, that's one of the top 5 stressers on the planet. by now you should be kickin' up your feet with lots of carbs to sooth the strain ; )

cheers! ♥

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