Monday, August 17, 2009

Down & Out Dapper #2

It's another Monday (hip, hip hooray!) and I'm hoping to get things off on a good start this week, beginning with the second installment of Down and Out Dapper. If you missed the first post, you can check it out here.
Sit back and enjoy this month's edition of man style (b/c let's be honest ladies, we can all use a little help in that department, no?)

I hope you all didn't spend your weekend wondering what happened to me. Christina and I figured it'd be best to wait & give you something fun to read at the office today.

It's getting close to the end of Summer, and I hope you have one more vacation planned before the hustle and bustle of another work or school year.
If you have some spare coin to drop, checkout this weekender bag from J. Fold. If you pack smart, it would be big enough for a week long vacation.

It's more than I'd like to spend on a bag ($275), but man, it's pretty. 100% Leather.

Be sure to pack it with some beach wardrobe essentials, like the Modern Amusement boat shoes made by Sperry. They aren't being made any longer, so you will have to find them on ebay or other online stores. I've found a couple here & here. I own two pairs!

If you couldn't tell already, we're going to the beach. Yup, I'm coming with!

I'll be the guy wearing this light weight shirt from Urban Outfitters.
Roll up sleeves are appearing on more and more button ups, and are finally looking good and less safari. Let's not forget protection; remember your sunscreen and a nice hat from Goorin.
I'd have to say, these are the nicest hats out there and they aren't ridiculously priced.

Oh man! You can't leave yet - you've got one last day of work. Casual Friday. Throw on the topsiders and pair them with any of these for a stylish and relaxing look. If your dress code allows you to wear denim, stick with darker washes for the work place and after hour drinks.

notice the slant pockets... a nice blend of chinos and jeans

levis makes solid denim that'll last

if you like a looser fit, try these. just don't go too big, you shouldn't be able to fit a forty in there.

I think every guy needs a nice pair of designer jeans in the closet, but that will have to wait for another month's post.

can't go to work topless, and if you can, are you hiring?

Johnny Cupcakes makes some pretty loud clothing, too loud for me. However, this one has great details in the button area and the logo on the chest.

I'd like to start ending these monthly posts with some gift ideas, because who doesn't like presents?! You can mail any of these directly to my house, thanks.

After, last month's post, I couldn't avoid mentioning this new mash up. Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, you can pre-order it now.

Kettle Brand Chips ARE the best chips. Period. And now with this kit you can play Kettle Chip Chemist and create your own flavors using their ingredients. This is how the company chooses its new flavors!

"I've got a secret. I've got a secret." it helps if you sing that. This key is a jump drive!!!

Speaking of secrets - Cuff links that you can keep notes inside!

If you are going to get the cufflinks, may I suggest using one of these notes:
-"the food here sucks, wanna get burgers after?" while attending a wedding
-"roll this back up, let's roll in the hay"
-"did you remember to turn the oven off"
-"i know you're cheating on me" i hope you don't have to use this one
-"quick to the batmobile"only if you don't have a batmobile

I'll see you guys again on the ides of September.

{p.s. huge thank you to Diana for featuring my rings on her blog today! Eeek!}


Being Brazen said...

My boyfriend would look fab in some of those things

Julia said...

EXCELLENT post! Just what we needed as we contemplate Andrew's school wardrobe this new school year :)

annechovie said...

Great guy tips!

Haven and Home said...

Loving this series, I want one of those keys.

DesBisoux said...

really nice monday post. love the cufflinks and the suggestions for the messages!xxx

drollgirl said...

excellent tips!!! just fab!!!

now can i send my boyfriend to you for a makeover? he dresses like a stoner from the 80's. sigh.

jess@noelmarie said...

Must take my husband shopping! And, um I'm already on the Jane Austen zombie train, so this new sea monster experience might just rock my world.

Thanks for the tips!

Kristin said...

Sending this to the hubs!!!

Iva said...

oh great tips! "Christina and I figured it'd be best to wait & give you something fun to read at the office today" LOL awww thanks guys! that was smart thinking! That is an awesome bag,and wow why would just awesome shoes stop being made?! UGH! GO EBAY! Those are awesome cufflinks! I so totally off to go buy a pair now for the mr.! totally looking forward to next month YAY! thank you Christina for such a great monthly feature! :)

Clarity said...

That bag's sweet and it appears to be a carry-on? Hats add a lot, more men ought to wear them, perhaps with a 9 week beard.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my previous post, C. "true understanding comes with time and work", I agree with that, but to find the one I would want to understand daily :)

Nora Johnson said...

Thanks for the great tips - will pass them on to Hubby pronto!

Hope you're having a great Monday too!

xxLOL LOLA & Nora:)
btw left a little tag for you on earlier post (Interviewed by Oprah! Part 1) - if you like that sort of thing!

Kristen Sara said...

I just love that key jump drive!! Think I might have to have one!

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

me likey a lot...interesting perspective...i love that IS pretty!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Just showed the boat shoes to my husband. Love them! (We dig vintage preppy)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Very cool. I would love to get my boyfriend in a pair of jeans that tight, but I doubt it's going to happen :)

Elissa said...

I love these posts!

I posted about The Mineralista giveaway on my blog, although I was too embarrassed to stick my ugly mug online.

Hanako66 said...

my husband is going to freak out over those ma sperry shoes!

Diana said...

Is it wrong that I want these clothes for me?

That's a different mash up, i need to read the zombie version of pride and prejudice!

No problem on the feature!

keith p. rein said...

i look forward to our time together next month. thanks for reading!

paula said...

loving the shoes... perfect for hubby, too bad they don't make them anymore:(

Dallas Shaw said...

i should work for sperry i love them so much

Teresa @ good-grace said...

LOVE the bag!

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