Thursday, February 12, 2009

office space that doesn't induce migraines

Working in an office where I sit for long hours has definitely been an adjustment for me (and my spine). Recently, I began getting horrible headaches and requested that the garish overhead lighting be turned off. It has helped some but I still can't seem to get excited about BEING there. Space has always been important to me, but especially at work where I like to show some personality. When I started, I immediately hung up some cheerful photos (i.e. my dogs, niece, friends) and brought my array of bright sticky notes and other small objects that induce positive thoughts. As I continually adjust to a new, often uncomfortable environment, I can't help but think that a nicer, more contemporary space might help me leave my bed less begrudgingly in the mornings. I really enjoy the miscellaneous sundries See Jane Work has to offer. Below are a few things I think would help my space become a bit more enjoyable. Color is huge b/c otherwise I'd simply fall asleep.

I'm liking the clean lines and fresh patterns on this minimalist calendar:
"Susy Jack*" 2009 Wall Calendar $34
Since I usually have a lot of different projects going on at one time prioritization is key:
"Mateo Llasco Clips" $14
I jot a lot of notes through out the day and probably end up wasting too much paper. This nifty board would be a more ec0-friendly decision:
"Ceramic Memo Board" $15
This fun notebook would be much more interesting to carry to meetings than my blah yellow note pad:
Orla Kiely Pear Notebook $17
More often than not, my desk looks like a mini tornado hit it. These document boxes would keep me organized and hide ugly files:
Semikolon Document Box $23
source: See Jane Work

source: Martha Stewart Living

source: Apartment Therapy
An enjoyable work space can really make a difference in overall well being (is what I'll tell my boss if she EVER asks if I need anything). Wish me luck!


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